Small town boy Nephop urges you to never stop hustling

Subhash aka Nephop hails from Rudrapur, a small town in Nepal, and is an artist who loves making music. He believes that listening to music helps him relax and escape. Making new songs helps him learn more about himself. He thinks that at this point in his life, he wants to write and make music to explore and express himself.

As a budding artist, who has come far away from his hometown, Nephop claims it is vital to hustle every step of the way. He encourages his fellow artists to also believe in the same, and continue to put in their best efforts every day.

 With the same ideology, Nephop thought of writing his new track “Hustle”. Through the song, he hopes to motivate his audience to hustle in life. He says that sometimes we labour towards something, but it seems so unattainable and farfetched that we tend to give up. He presents a counterargument, asking, "What do you have left if you give up on your aspirations and something you are passionate about at this point?". It is important to know that the message he is trying to convey is that you never truly fail until you stop trying. He inspires his listeners to push through their struggles and keep hustling.

What is unique about Nephop is that unlike most artists he uses third-party free beats from Youtube and does not have a producer. At times, he asks for help from his friends to assist him with mixing and mastering the tracks.

There is much to learn from this young, talented artist, but for the time being, we wish you well as you pursue your goals and keep working hard to make them a reality.


2 thoughts on “Small town boy Nephop urges you to never stop hustling

Ranjit singh

Congrats brother ❤❤

July 23, 2022 at 22:43pm
Keep build yourself brother believe yourself nothing can stop you and you’ll definitely reach your goals. lots of love
July 23, 2022 at 19:58pm

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