Hidden Rap talent from the Street community of India

Andy Music 22, a rapper and proud representative of the Indian Hip hop culture, was born in the isolated slums of Mumbai, Maharashtra. He believes that his career as a rapper has had its ups and downs, but as time went on, he matured and learned to recognize people, circumstances, and how to focus on his profession. His main objective as a rapper is to encourage his audience by sharing the truth and spreading positivity, which would inspire them to work harder and accomplish greater things in life.

In December 2021, Andy developed his new hook when he was considering trying out a new school rap. After hearing the hook, he created the entire song and wanted to present it to his listeners in the new school rap style, which was foreign to him at the time.

 The song, VVS-1, represents the Indian Hip hop culture. Andy aspires to take the Indian Hip hop scene to the global level. He wants to host his own concerts and says that his objective is to connect with people rather than become wealthy through hip-hop. He wants to be known for his culture and wishes to advance the culture of his devoted followers in order to improve their standard of living.

When asked about his experience working with his producer, Vlzen, he replied, "For a good partnership, trusting each other is very important. In our case, we both are the same kind of people in terms of our values and thinking, which makes it easy to blindly trust each other. Making great music requires a strong relationship between the producer and the artist, and Vlzen and I have that relationship.

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I have rap

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Andy 🤟🤟💰🔥🔥🔥

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July 29, 2022 at 22:00pm
Nikita Ghadge

Keep it up andy ❤️

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