Dealing with White collar and Black collar people Quosmic's way

Better known by his stage name, Quosmic Tune was raised on the streets of Kalyan, Maharashtra. He was quite inquisitive as a child and would take notice of everything, good or bad. Quosmic has always listened to music, so he found himself humming those tunes while viewing them on TV. He enjoys listening to all genres of music, from rock to pop and from the old school to the modern.

While reminiscing about his childhood, he recalls how he would borrow 20 rupees from his mother to go to cafés and use the internet just to listen to Hip-hop music and beatbox. When he lost his mother to an unfortunate incident, he started writing to distract himself and stay motivated.

Quosmic’s new track, White Collar Black Collar, came to his mind five years ago when he experienced "white collar" and "black collar" people. He claims that the fundamental premise of this is that we encounter various types of individuals on the streets in real life. We should be able to deal with all kinds of people depending on the situation at hand.

Quosmic goes on to share that the song contrasts his current state with his prior self. He has made a few acquaintances so far; some of them have left, while others are still moving with him. He says that the important lesson is to keep moving forward and resist the need to weep over those who have left us. He also remarked that he does not care if other people are there with him or not, because as long as he has Hip-hop, he will always put in effort, hustle, and vibe.

When asked about his experience working with his producer, Rekoil Chafe, he replied, "My producer was introduced to me through mutual friends and we have been together since. I am grateful to Rekoil and his ability to create any kind of beat you want him to".

Quosmic’s vision is to be as true and real as possible. He wants to be like a mirror. Being good with the good and bad with the bad.

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