Small Space, Big Style: Portable Storage Accessories to Revamp Your Organization Game

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Living in a compact space doesn't mean you have to sacrifice style or organization. In fact, having the right storage accessories can actually help maximize your limited square footage. Enter Urban Monkey's line of portable storage solutions - the ultimate compact closet and bag organizers disguised as sleek, modern accessories.


fanny pack

The ultimate '90s throwback item is having a major renaissance, and Urban Monkey's Tactical Fanny Pack proves why this trend is here to stay. Crafted from durable 100% polyester 300D with a sleek black finish, this pack seamlessly blends streetwear aesthetics with clever utility.

With not one but five spacious compartments, you'll have ample room to stash all your essentials in an organized way. A quick-access pocket keeps your most-needed items at your fingertips, while the front zip pocket provides extra storage. Inside, find a small zip pocket for valuables and a buckle-lock fastening for extra security.

But the real game-changer is the sturdy, adjustable waist strap with quick-release buckle. This hands-free carrying solution is perfect for city commutes, hikes, concerts - any scenario where you want your essentials securely strapped to your body. Plus, two free velcro patches allow you to customize your pack.

The best part? This streamlined utilitarian accessory is 100% vegan, so you can revamp your organization sustainably.

The Versatile Sling Bag

sling bag

For those who need just a bit more storage capacity, Urban Monkey's Sling Bag is the perfect grab-and-go companion. Made of that same sturdy 300D polyester, this bag sets itself apart with an innovative detachable pouch complete with mesh pocket insert.

Need to streamline for quick errands? Simply detach the pouch and take just your must-haves with you. It's like having two bags in one versatile package. The main sling compartment has ample room for bulkier items, while multiple pockets help sort out smaller accessories.

Heavy-duty zipper closures keep everything secure, and a stylish silicone patch adds extra visual appeal. A detachable lanyard and D-ring ensure you can carry your bag hands-free while keeping keys and essentials easily accessible. Like all Urban Monkey products, it's proudly 100% vegan.

Wallets to Stash Your Cash

What's the key to urban organization? Having a streamlined spot for all your cards, cash, coins and more. Urban Monkey's trifold and bifold wallets have you covered on that front with countless ingenious storage solutions.

The sleek trifold design boasts 6 quick access card slots to keep your most-used payment methods within easy reach. A zipped pocket keeps coins and cash secure, while an open pocket corrals receipts, bills or other paper items. Complete with velcro closure and silicone patch detailing, it merges fashion and function.

For those seeking maximum organizational capacity, the bifold is a true marvel. Dedicated card slots, a mesh ID pocket, full-length cash compartment, key D-ring, and quick access elastic holders cover all your bases. You can even attach this wallet to other travel gear using its belt loop for completely hands-free portability.

Compact Catchall: Coin & Card Holder

coin & card holder

For the minimalist at heart, sometimes a slim case is all you need for your everyday carry essentials. Urban Monkey's durable polyester 600D coin and card holder is up to the task with its compact, incredibly versatile design.

Use it as a wallet alternative stashing your most important cards and cash in the quick access slots. Or load it up with coins and small items in the main compartment to keep your pockets clear of looseclutter. The detachable lanyard even allows you to go hands-free, while the key D-ring keeps your essentials right at your fingertips.

No matter which Urban Monkey accessory calls to your organizational senses, you can feel good about your purchase. Every single item in their collection is 100% vegan and designed for maximum everyday utility without compromising your style.

Small spaces just got way more chic with these portable storage solutions. Get ready to finally maximize your tiny home, dorm, studio, or other compact quarters with these incredible accessories! Shop the full collection today to revamp your organization in a big way.


1.What's the best way to style a fanny pack?

For a cool, street-inspired look, wear your fanny pack slung across your chest or back. Or go classic with it around your waist paired with joggers, jeans or shorts. Accessorize with sneakers, a cap and shades.

2.What's the difference between the sling bag and fanny pack

The sling bag offers a bit more storage capacity with its roomier main compartment compared to the fanny pack. But the detachable pouch makes it just as convenient to streamline on-the-go.

3.How should the sling bag be worn?

This bag can be worn either over one shoulder with the strap across your back and bag in front of you, or vice versa with the bag at your back. The detachable lanyard also allows for crossbody wear.

4.What's the advantage of the trifold design?

The trifold keeps your most-used cards easily accessible in the outer slots while allowing you to neatly store cash, coins and receipts in the inner compartments. The folded design is also slimmer than a bifold.

5.Which wallet is best for travel?

The bifold is likely the better option for travel and everyday carrying thanks to its added features like the D-ring for keys, elasticated pockets for small items, and extra belt loop for hands-free portability.


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