Nehpop and Pahadian on grinding and hustling their way through the art of music

Nephop (Subhash) hails from Rudrapur, a small town in Nepal, and is an artist who loves making music. On the other hand, Pahadian (Anil Singh) was brought up in Champawat, Uttarakhand and aims to spread positivity through his music.

Nephop and Pahadian wanted to come up with a track which was chill and relatable. This is how they came up with 'Bashinda', a collaborative song featuring both the artists. The song is about the ups and downs they have faced in their music journey . The underlying idea behind the song revolves around how we, the people, have all changed over time. The song takes you back to your childhood days, when things were easy and uncomplicated. Their aim is to encourage their listeners to keep grinding and never give up.

What is unique about Nephop and Pahadian is that they use third party beats from youtube and do not have a producer. At times, they ask for help from their friends to assist them with mixing and mastering of the tracks.

Nephop says it has been a fruitful experience working with his fellow artists over the years, while Pahadian believes it has been a tough journey to continue making music for this long, owing to his middle class background. Nevertheless, he continues to hustle and enjoys the hurdles coming his way.

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