Yung Nos uses betrayal as a stepping stone to write 'Asteen ke Saanp'

Yung Nos was born in Dhule, Maharashtra. After having spent 12 years of his life in a village, he moved to Mumbai in 2006. Shifting from a rural place to a city had its own cons. The fact that he only spoke Marathi at the time, and struggled to learn Hindi and English made him shy around people as he thought they would make fun of him. 15 years later, the same guy who once lacked confidence, started reeking with confidence. In 2009, He started off with Breaking (B-boying)and was a part of the Beastmode Crew. Ever since, he has been living for hiphop.

Since a very tender age, he was inclined towards the hip-hop culture. As he continued to take up Breaking, this inclination turned into an obsession. This burning passion for hip-hop led him to his next creative pursuit – Photography & Cinematography. Soon, he was shooting photos and videos for Mumbai-based Beastmode Crew, which eventually led him to his ultimate pursuit – Music. He has been creating music since 2019 and is still going strong. He believes his exposure to the hip-hop culture and community has nurtured his talent and helped him evolve as an artist at every step of the way.

The idea behind the song 'Asteen Ke Saanp' was to share his experience with his listeners, as he believes that even the people who are close to you, can sabotage your deals out of jealousy. In the song, he expresses more about his friends who left during some of his toughest times as well as the people who would talk behind his back. One such incident occured when one of his close friends backstabbed him to get a deal with a record label even when he was against it. Akash felt aggrieved by his friend's actions and that is how the song was born as he penned down how he felt being friends with him.

This song was produced by Akash aka Akash Kaha Hai, an Emmy award winner. When Yung Nos was asked about his experience working with Akash, the former replied,"Akash is a genius when it comes to music as he managed to create a sound for the beat which sounded like the snake flute (Pungi), which is used by snake charmers for hypnotising the snake. He sampled the flute and put it on the Drums.

I really enjoy working with Akash because he makes it a point to give me his inputs to make the song sound good". Yung Nos also shares that when he first met Akash, they would chill at his studio as friends but eventually started working with him a year later. Yung Nos belives Akash's style of music is unique and has helped shape the Mumbai hiphop scene in a way.

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