Neutron inspires his supporters in unity with various underrated artists of India

Neutron Sai, a rapper, was born in Mumbai and has been undertaking training in music since the last 7 years. He aims to be the pioneer in changing the hiphop culture in India. His vision is to teach the younger generation how to tackle problems without losing faith in their art.

The idea of his song, BMC black, came to his mind while he was listening to various drill records from international artists. He realized that he could perform something similar starring Indian underrated artists like Jit Shaolin, Pahaadi, Salim Shady, Danish, and Richie Rich. The song was conceptualised to demonstrate the unity among the rappers who have been honing their skillsets and learning to preach and encourage the generation via different styles of music. The lyrical ability of every artist in the cypher has been used to show how hard they have worked, with rythm and metaphors to preach and empower their listeners.

Neutron expresses gratitude towards his producers, Mr Musix and Yeezy Beats, who share the same love and passion for music as him. He has immense faith in them and feels they know exactly what he wants from his music. In his journey as an artist, he has always tried to better himself socially and musically. He is grateful that life has put him around inspirational people who have helped him cope with difficult times. In retrospect, he realises these problems have become his greatest strengths today. What keeps him motivated is his dire wish to create an impact on the next generation who look up to him, and holds himself responsible to inspire and uplift them until the day he is alive.

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3 thoughts on “Neutron inspires his supporters in unity with various underrated artists of India

Afreen Shaikh

Well I know him since past 5 years and I knew the boy has it in him!! Congratulations!!

June 30, 2022 at 01:29am
Komal Jadhav

You just give him a chance and he’ll give his best !!! God Bless Him !

June 27, 2022 at 23:34pm

One of the finest rapper and very down to earth and bars I really loved BMC

June 27, 2022 at 23:13pm

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