Urban Monkey is a combination of great quality products, unique designs and a whole lot of Community. We are focused on the progression of fashion by Cultivating the Underground Street Culture of India.

We aim to achieve this by providing a platform where Atlernate Artists and Athletes can co-exist, share their stories, experiences and talent. We are achieving this through our ALT Star Page where we will provide culturally relevent content on artists, art, and their lifestyles. Our designs are visual Inspirations, representing the Underground Street Culture of India. We take pride in being an all vegetarian brand, meaning no Animals are harmed or used in the production of our merch. All our products are rigourously tested before we release it and no comprises are made in quality.

While our product, design and quality speak for itself, that is not the reason why we created this brand. Urban Monkey was founded in Mid 2014 with a simple mission to bring together a brand and connect it with a purpose.

Our purpose since inception was to have REAL social impact by using 4% of our revenues to directly educate the underprivilaged children of India. We define Impact as creating a movement which can bring about change consistantly and continiously. Since Inception we have helped place just over 100 children in the education system, we intend for this number to only grow in the future.




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