Everytime J Trix brings a banger - Sort Hai.

J Trix - J Trix is an independent rap artist from the city of Kolkata, India. Best known for his unique flow and extraordinary lyricism, J Trix’s music has something for a broad range of listeners which also makes him a very versatile artist.

SubSpace - SubSpace is an Award Winning Music Producer/ DJ From Kolkata, IN. His sound takes inspiration from his Indian Culture, Traditional Instruments and Vocal Chops which brings into light his Signature Sound.

This song is basically out of a very fun studio session on a beat by SubSpace that could make everybody's head nod. J Trix being at the musical career position he is, portrays the feeling of being self-sufficient but still having the same hunger they had on Day 1 and the whole gang's here for the TAKEOVER. He portrays the feeling of being grateful for the energy and the people he has around him which make him a better person and a better artist each day.


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