Utha Awaaz , Utha Kalam - Saath Chal | First-ever track that speaks about Sex Trafficking in India

StreetPoetry LL44 and AniketHipHop are members of Gang107, a HipHop Collective from Mira Road, Mumbai.

"Saath Chal" is the first-ever track that speaks about Sex Trafficking in India. The song was created in collaboration with the NGO @rescuefoundationindia the evils of society. StreetPoetry LL44 and AniketHipHop rap about how women, men or even kids are not safe on the streets. They turned facts to lyrics and converted them into bars and poetry.

As a collective, Gang107 is working on a full-length Studio Album which is going to be released by the end of this year.

To know more about them kindly follow the artists and the crew.

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