What Is a Trucker Hat and Why Is It Back in Style?

What Is a Trucker Hat and Why Is It Back in Style?

Everything You Need to Know About Trucker Hats!

Origin of the Trucker Hat

A trucker hat has many names—mesh cap, netback cap, and the ever-popular "trucker cap." In the past, it was given as a promotional accessory by farming supply companies to agricultural workers, farmers, and truck drivers. The truck drivers drove it to all corners of the United States and made the cousin of the baseball cap famous.

As an ode to the original bearers of the cap, they are called trucker caps. Baseball and trucker caps belong to the same design family with some notable differences. The plastic mesh at the back and the broader surface in the front are the two most evident characteristics of the trucker cap. The world-famous quotes are written in the front, the kinds that make heads turn. Remember Miley Cyrus's famous cap quote, "Go ahead punk, make my day"? Guess where it was written? Yes, that coveted broad front of the trucker cap. A short definition of a trucker cap is that it is a type of baseball cap.

After Y2K, the trucker cap took over the streets and became an integral part of pop culture. Since it was never marketed as a sports cap, it gained its underground following from hip-hop, skater punk, and pop-punk artists. Perhaps the trucker cap was adopted to pay homage to the blue-collar workers who connected different states of the US through their one visible accessory.

Hip-hop mogul Jay-Z's "Ballroom Marfa," Kanye West's "MAGA," and Kirsten Stewart's collection of trucker caps with iconic statements have allowed the erstwhile streetwear cap to touch the frontiers of high fashion now. Celebrity endorsement of the trucker caps is so evident in Bollywood. From Deepika Padukone, Kangana Ranaut, Ranveer Singh to Alia Bhatt and Varun Dhawan have been seen sporting trucker caps at various events. Trucker caps are now synonymous with celebrity culture and fashion trends. From Hollywood to Bollywood, beaches to cities, leisure bicyclists to professional skateboarders, the trucker cap now belongs to the trend-makers. has embraced trucker caps too.

Trucker Monkey

Vicky Kaushal wearing Trucker monkey

Trucker Monkey

Kunal Khemu wearing Trucker monkey

Trucker Monkey

Dharmesh Yelande wearing Trucker monkey

How to Wear the Trucker Hat

One cap that fits many heads, the trucker cap, does not discriminate. No wonder it is a favorite accessory across all genders! But how do you style it?

Wear it Front-Facing

  • Show your allegiance to your sports team, hip-hop artist, or skater community by wearing your heart on your cap. If you want to keep it simple and casual, wear your trucker cap front-facing.
  • Groove in your Urban Monkey Good Vibes Only cap by pairing a vintage T-shirt with faded denim. A cool graphic T-shirt paired with comfortable shorts and your favorite sneakers will let you roll into the trucker cap world. With a wide brim design in the front and mesh in the back, the adjustable mesh trucker hats are versatile enough to pair with a casual sweatshirt, denim trousers, and trendy sneakers.

Wear it Backward

  • Let the rebel in you take center stage by wearing the trucker cap backward. Here, the brim goes to the back and the mesh in the front. It is a look favored by the youngsters at the beginning of their fashion life.
  • The look was made famous in the 2000's Hollywood and Bollywood movies and is sometimes spotted among skateboarders who wear the trucker cap backward for practical reasons at the rink. If you want to sport this rebellious look, make sure to place the back portion above your hairline and the brim facing downward in the back. Wear a comfortable pair of jeans and a plain T-shirt for that relaxed, casual look. Have a go with this super minimal Urban Monkey Super Star cap as the trucker hat trend is here to stay.

Types of Trucker Caps

Trucker caps come in many colors, slogans, prints, and embroidery. They are unisex, and hence, can be worn by everyone. The dual purpose of form and function can be witnessed in the Urban Monkey Trucker Monkey cap.

1. Baseball Trucker Cap:

Trucker Monkey Cap

2. Snapback Trucker Cap:

Captain Planet //002 Cap

3. Dad Trucker Cap:

Trap Money //003 Cap

4. Curved Brim Snapback Cap:

Cheers Cap

COVID-19 has given rise to innovations in ‘cap design’ like the Paparazzi - a cap engineered with a detachable mask , taking fashion with functionality from a dream to reality.

It doesn't matter if you are a sneakerhead or a hip-hop fan; the trucker cap embraces diversity with ease and makes it a must-have accessory. Visit Urban Monkey to explore a wide range of caps for men and women.

If you want to lay your hands on Urban Monkey's latest collection of Trucker Cap including Corduroy Trucker and embroidered trucker caps, here's some good news for you.

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Kunal Kamra wearing Teal Trucker

Rannvijay Singha wearing Aqua Marine

Trucker Cap Care Tips

Handwash: Avoid washing the cap in the washing machine. It'll ruin the shape. Soak it in soap water and handwash it to retain its shape.

Check for Colour Fastness: A white trucker cap with colored embroidery should always be checked for color bleed. Dampen the colored part with little water to test for colorfastness. Once you confirm that it won't bleed, you can proceed to wash the cap.

Air Dry: For the cap to retain its shape, let it air dry.

Retain its Shape: Roll a dry towel into a ball shape and stuff it inside the trucker cap. Let it dry near a shaded area near a window or under a fan.

Wash Frequently: Don't let your trucker cap accumulate stains and sweat. Frequent washing will help prevent bad odor and permanent sweat stains in your favorite trucker cap.


1. What are trucker hats?

Trucker Hats or Trucker Caps have a broader front as compared to a baseball cap. The back of the cap is usually made from plastic mesh.

2. How much do trucker hats cost in India?

The trucker caps cost anywhere between Rs.180 to 2000 in India. Depending on the brand, quality of materials used, the cost varies.

3. What is the difference between a baseball cap and a trucker cap?

A trucker cap has a broad front and a plastic mesh at the back. The baseball cap has a narrower front, and the back is usually made from the same material as the front.


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