What Are Dad Hats, and How Did They Become a Trend?

what are dad-hats how did they become a trend

From Rihanna to Obama — everyone loves dad hats. After all, dad caps are comfortable, convenient, and oh-so-versatile. If you are looking for stylish dad caps, look no further - check out the dad hat collection at Urban Monkey. A dad hat for men and women is generally a six-panel baseball cap with a curved brim, giving it a chic look and feel.

Forget Flatbrims and Snapbacks; Now, It's All About the Dad Hat

This unisex cap is giving streetwear a much-needed upgrade. Dad caps make room for fashionable self-expression, going a step further from flatbrims and snapbacks.

Trucker Cap

Brands are embracing dad hats too

High-street brands are all about embracing dad caps. From giving their employees dad caps to embroidering their logos onto the hats and offering them as freebies to their customers — dad hats have become a part of the ultimate marketing strategy.

How did dad hat originate?

The streetwear dad hat was born in the 1970s as baseball players wore them during matches. Owing to their large size, mostly middle-aged men sported dad caps, and hence the name, “dad hat”.

What makes a dad hat a dad hat?

For one, like dads, the dad cap is all about comfort thanks to its relaxed fit. Secondly, just as dad jokes, dad hats for women and men stay in style forever.

How did dad hats become a trend?

In the 1990s, dad hats gained popularity as rappers started wearing them. The caps for men and women went perfectly well with their outfits, such as baggy pants, dresses, and so on. The trend briefly faded away in the 2000s, but made an emphatic comeback in 2016. That is when everyone from Kanye West to Beyonce and the Kardashians started wearing them.

Where, when, and how to wear dad hats

You can wear the unisex cap anywhere — be it a brunch, a game or even a night out. There are no rules! Plus, you can wear it with anything — be it a little black dress, your favourite T-shirt and shorts or even gym wear. The streetwear dad hat protects you from UV rays and sunburns, and it’s the perfect fix for a bad hair day.

Dad Cap

How do dad hats differ from snapbacks?

While dad hats are all about the fit, snapbacks are about the fad. Dad hats have flat and wide brims and softer front panels. On the other hand, snapback hats have round and pre-shaped brims with hard front panels. The front panel helps flaunt big, over-the-top designs. The dad caps for women and men, however, are all about keeping it subtle yet impactful.

What is a baseball hat?

A baseball hat is a well-fitted soft cap with a rounded crown and a brim pointing forward to protect your eyes from the sunrays. The cap, traditionally worn by baseball players, is now worn by everyone as a casual accessory.

What is the biggest difference between a dad hat and a baseball cap?

The baseball cap has a front lining, while the streetwear dad hat does not. The lack of a front lining in the dad hat allows it to be more flexible and comfortable.

How your dad inspired hip-hop's latest style trend

As your dad made a style statement in a dad hat, everyone took notice. The unisex cap’s relaxed fit made it an instant hit among young girls and guys. As they watched their favourite pop stars wear it, they fell in love with the dad hat too.

What materials are used to make dad hats?

Dad caps for men and women are usually made of soft cotton, canvas or corduroy. These fabrics ensure that the dad caps remain light. Further, the understated colors complement the materials.

What's the difference between a dad hat and a trucker hat?

Most trucker hats have foam inside to keep the front section upright. Dad hats don’t have any such material; they are unstructured.

Are dad hats still ruling in 2021?

Very much so! Celebrities wear dad caps almost daily, and they also have their own product lines. As people embrace its versatility, dad caps for women and men are getting more and more popular.

Dad knows best

The grab-and-go dad hat for women and men embodies everything that is great about caps. They are convenient and can instantly elevate your look. Plus they have adjustable side closures.

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