Noor expresses his journey for his OG supporters - Mera Safar

Noor Hasan was born in Dharavi, Mumbai, and now represents Dharavi as a Hip Hop musician. He comes from a Muslim family where performing rap is not permitted, yet he continues to do so because he began doing it as a passion and is now able to support himself through it. He has now incorporated hip hop into his life.

The idea behind the song was to allow his listeners to get a glimpse of his life experiences and difficult times, which served as the foundation for his personal path. He wants his listeners to know how his first song video went viral in 2015. The purpose of the song is to help his listeners, supporters & friends relate to him a bit further, and he wants to ensure that they all feel his appreciation.

Prior to deciding to use Mera Safar as a new release, he was working on composing an album, but for various reasons, he abandoned the project. Through Mera Safar, he wanted to describe his journey from the beginning to the present. It's still a short voyage with a long way to go.

So Chirag Boricha aka Waynem with whom Noor shares a good vibe, produces his music. Waynem is aware of Noor's musical preferences, so whenever Noor wants to make a beat of any kind, Waynem always produces the best results for him. Despite their short time together, they have already completed 10-15 projects, and they anticipate making it bigh with new music this year.

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