Panther drops a sweet melody - Pagal Kuttey

Panther is from the isolated village of Nagla in Uttar Pradesh, India, Lakhimpur District. People haven't even heard of this location, but he will make sure they do so in the years to come. He quit his 9 to 5 job to pursue his passion for music. Because he lived in a village where Mithun da songs were the only genre, even he was unaware of what hip-hop was until late 2016 or early 2017. He became aware of the hip-hop genre after familiarizing himself with the underground street culture. Panther further adds that building your identity in the hip-hop scene was and still is challenging, but only until you succeed.

Panther talks about his independent grind in the melodious trap song "Pagal Kuttey." He leaned towards the New school vibe in this tune because he is a hard-core lyricist and represents the Indian Underground movement. In this song, he made an effort to write in a calm manner. He used vernacular from Uttar Pradesh throughout the song to keep the vibe while discussing his goals and hustle as an independent rapper. Panther came upon this track while browsing Lithium's channel of beats. He began freestyling on the first note and came up with a hook.

That's it. He simply centered this song on this hook. He aspires to become the greatest musician, rapper, composer, and lyricist India has ever seen in the ensuing years. He claimed that this was his vision. The "Pagal Kuttey" soundtrack was pieced together by Lithium. They have been collaborating for some time now. For Panther's debut tape "Jungle and Animals inside", Lithium also contributed a few tunes. Panther found this rhythm on his Lithium's youtube, asking him to tweak the arrangement a bit, and they came up with "Pagal Kuttey."

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