Won Tribe drop a new single - Tyranny of Power

Won Tribe is a collective featuring INDIA’S FIRST FEMALE RAP DUO - Singer/Musician and marketer PRATIKA, and poet & communication designer KRANTINAARI. As two forward women and working professionals, they got together at a time in our country’s history where feminism and gender equality movements have become an absolute necessity. Won Tribe is backed by Mumbai drummer and sound engineer PrabhuNeigh, who produces music for the collective.

Tyranny of Power addresses a global issue that many nations have been facing since time immemorial; that of leaders, politicians, and people in power exploiting their position. Written in English and Hindi, the chorus connects both rapper’s verses, backed with a unique global soundscape which combines layers of Deedar’s dub sensibilities, percussion, guitar parts and effects.

Over the past few years, we have seen authoritarians and dictators wreaking havoc among people, while steadily also causing the deterioration of the natural world that nurtures us. The song talks about this, and also encourages people to question, and open their eyes to the existing socio-political turmoil around them.

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