VijayDK Launch yet another masterpiece - Down to earth

Vijay dk is one of the dopest and most versatile artists hailing from, india, maharashtra, (mumbai -400043) - Mankhurd.

He is taking new school hiphop on another level in the rap scene. in this track he istalking about who vijay dk is, and his hometown?

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[3/22, 6:33 PM] Saniya: A person told me that " you do rap that doesn’t mean you are hard working, you know who does hard work actually, (the labours ). Only writing with the pen on a book does not show your hard work ".
[3/22, 6:33 PM] Saniya: I am from govandi , a small part and the slum of Mumbai .
[3/22, 6:33 PM] Saniya: I started my journey from my 8th standard and I am rapping since 3-4 years , saw all the things in my journey the ups and downs …..change behaviour of others , some apreciation etc
[3/22, 6:33 PM] Saniya: Artist link :

April 1, 2023 at 10:29am

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