Urban Monkey Fam Hand Pick their Okami fits for the season!

Urban Monkey Fam Hand Pick their Okami fits for the season!

Remember your first ever Hand-me-downs? That right there was your introduction to oversized fits. However Boxy T-shirt fits were there even before all of us got here. In the late 80s, the Hip-hop culture became the flagbearer for these oversized tees with their larger-than-life proportions, and ever since then, these baggy T-shirts have become an essential piece of clothing for streetwear.

Now with Baggy making a comeback it only makes sense to impart some of Urban Monkey's impeccable knowledge on how to style these season favorite's featuring our Okami collection.

The name Okami has been borrowed from a Japanese video game that features Japanese mythology. We at urban monkey have re-imagined it with a closer-to-home look by bringing Indian mythology to play in all our designs and serving it with a pinch of cyberpunk aesthetic!

If you are fond of such street-style oversized t-shirts for men or women, here's how you can cop these effortlessly cool looks ft. The in-house monkey fam!

Nehad – Store Manager

Future is female

Meet Nehad our store manager, Nehad possibly lives to dress up, and we at Urban Monkey love making dreams come true, we gave her this special assignment – watch Nehad pick her fits that she wouldn't mind living in (until the next UM launch, psst!)

Nehad's first pick from the Okami collection is the Future is Female tee, the tee draws inspiration from the Mythological Apsaras from the Indian context, think Menka. These celestial female beings have been a symbol of power and divinity.

Nehad easily slips into this oversized tee and pairs it with nothing but some good-looking kicks, and we'd be lying if we don't stan this look. After all, have these apsaras ever really needed to accessorize to look breathtaking?

To get Nehad's look grab a pair of wedges or ankle boots. Throw an oversized T-shirt with some Nikes and add a bomber jacket to create an edgy outfit and cinch your waist with a belt, or wear the T-shirt dress loose for a breezy summer outfit.

If you're still reading this, and can't wait to style it like Nehad, here's the link to one of our personal favorites: 'Future is Female' – an oversized boxy tee for women and men. It's so powerful, that you'll almost be ready to take over the world in this comfortable and stylish t-shirt design, or well you could just lounge in it. The choice is yours.



There's no such thing as too much pink, and we're sure Nehad agrees – here's some proof

Nehad's next pick is the 'Highrider'. Just like the name it rides high on comfort and versatility. Popping as bright as ever, Nehad styles our Highrider in a very chic way by pairing it with a denim skirt for that little color pop and tops her look with a bucket hat. You can cop this look by pairing your 'highrider' with a form-fitting denim skirt to accentuate your silhouette. Choosing a loose top for this outfit balances out the look and highlights your lower body. You can also enhance the look by layering it with a pullover, or a bomber jacket for that perfect street statement.

Pravin – Artist Manager


Meet Pravin, one of the oldest members of the monkey fam, a flag bearer of the street culture at Urban Monkey. He's replaced his skin with tattoos and can replace the word 'cool' with his name.

With an Uber cool drip, Pravin goes for the cyborg tee. The Cyborg is an amalgamation of all things cool and trending. This red-black tye and dye tee draws its inspiration from the Indian classical dance, Kathakali. A form of storytelling, with Pravin picking this tee, it only makes sense – a true flag bearer gotta tell his story, right?

Pravin pairs the Cyborg with Urban Monkey's vintage washed relaxed dark blue denim shorts and accessorizes with UM's Space Ninja cap. With a look this simple, remember accessorizing is the key to a fire drip. Bring out your coolest kicks and throw in your best cap and you're ready to hit the streets!

Here’s how you can accessorize your drip with the Cyborg tee!

Tarun – Video Editor

aut run

Say Hi to Tarun, but stay 3ft away from his work desk, even MC Mao isn't allowed there, while he spends most of his time making all the cool videos you see on our gram (which by the way you should totally check out) – When it comes to fashion Tarun is all about comfort and can sway away from cool if needed to, thank god – Urban Monkey only believes in providing the coolest and the most comfortable drips.

Tarun picks outrun and pairs it with our 90's light denim baggy jeans, the perfect look for a daytime outing, keeping it as chill and laidback as it gets, don't be afraid of the popping color as long as you're balancing it down below. Stepping out for some grocery? Stepping out for a brunch date with your dudes? This is all that you need, this outfit has got you all covered!

Durgesh – Photographer


Meet Durgesh, he embodies the culture in everything he does. An integral part of The Urban Monkey Crew since 2018, Durgesh believes in keeping it real.

He hand picks the apogee, the one fit that even Arjun would pick if Mahabharat's official merchandise partners were us!

Durgesh opts for one of the most popular looks on the block these days. Street paired up with Athleisure. He pairs the Boxy tee with Urban Monkey's Utility Shorts, making it the perfect A-fit!

The athleisure look gives you a balanced and comfortable look, one that you can wear while exercising or while you're lounging at home.

Cop these Oversized Boxy Fits for men and women!

One final word of advice, just make sure It's Baggy and not Bigger.

Make sure to look out for words like "oversized" or "relaxed" when you shop for that boxy tee. Getting a fitted T-shirt in a few sizes too big will leave you disappointed and make your fit look like a hand-me-down. Remember you're going for a T-shirt that fits like it doesn't.


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