UM x Studio Sorted

UM x Studio Sorted
We at Sorted, love simple ideas, executed in a direct fashion without requiring layers of comprehension.
- Studio Sorted

The EXCLUSIVE collection opens a floodgate of emotions and memories, of old, warm and familiar moments. This is our way of encapsulating a little bit of our childhood in these modern yet timeless designs.

Tell us a bit about yourself? How did you develop your style?

As students studying architecture, we realized the vastness of design pretty early on, in due course of our education. That aside, we were always curious to find things to do outside education and combine it to do something that made us happy. It started off with making posters for music events back in 2015, and were fortunate enough to build something that excited us and we just kept moving ahead.

What motivated us was to see the constant trajectory of our work getting better. Every day as a better version of our last day and every illustration/poster, a chance to create something better and new.

Being artists it’s difficult to ever feel content, and the inner urge of being the best version of yourself is what kept us going

How was the collaboration with Urban Monkey unique to you?

We believe that both UrbanMonkey and Studio Sorted holds an important place in defining the visual culture of our generation in India. We see this collaboration as a unique chance to explore the graphic possibilities with the accessible, inclusive ‘street’ status that UrbanMonkey has carved for itself in the recent past.

What was the concept / idealogy behind this collaboration?

In consideration of the pandemic situation, we conjured the idea of lending a fresh perspective to common, familiar experiences or ‘childhood lessons’. The concept opened a floodgate of nostalgia and memories which we have channeled into the collections. The series is a hopeful comment on lending a renewed look at the well-known but hardly considered philosophies. Nothing that comes out of this studio leaves without a zing of wacky and cool.

UrbanMonkey x Studio Sorted

What is Indian streetwear according to you?

Indian streetwear is a statement that youngsters today are creating to challenge the ‘unshakable’ traditions of the old world. This is an attempt by our generation to carve out an identity and make a mark in the history books, an attempt to own our own narrative.

What does design mean to you?

We believe that fashion is a unique form of design that you choose to wear on yourself, it makes for a comment on who you are and what you stand for.

You can view more of Studio Sorted’s work and contact them via Instagram or their website


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