The Voice Of Every Independent Artist - Muzammil

Muzammil Sayyad known as aka Muzammil On The Mic. 

Muzammil On The Mic is an independent artist, rapper, lyricist, music producer, and editor, currently residing in Navi Mumbai. He believes in making music that is about reality and untold stories, which he can express through his music.

His latest single “Mere Khayal” is about the emotions and the situation of every struggling independent artist, what they face when they have potential but no one believes in them and their art. It’s about the demotivating phase of every artist, and how can they come out of it through their hard work and dedication.

His musical journey started when he told his friends that he wants to become a rap artist and instead of supporting him, they started making fun of him saying that rap is not his cup of tea. So he took this as a challenge and wrote his debut song named “Kaha par hai” and now it's almost completed 200k views on YouTube !

How's that for "not his cup of tea"...

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