Sweatshorts: The Summer Basic That Is Now Replacing All My Leggings

Sweatshorts: The Summer Basic That Is Now Replacing All My Leggings

We have the perfect solution if you are looking for comfort beyond sweatpants and leggings when the temperatures are soaring. The warm weather and accompanying humidity may have you trying to figure out an alternative to your trusty workout leggings. This summer, look no further than the super-comfortable sweatshorts. Slip on a pair of Urban Monkey sweatshorts and watch how quickly you’ll think of replacing your leggings with more pairs of these ultra-cool streetwear shorts.

Stiff materials that are heavy and feel cumbersome on the skin are definitely a no-no; this eliminates jeans for the summer. While sweatpants and leggings have become a staple during the pandemic, whether for working out or just lounging at home. But with spring on its way out and summer around the corner, you may be looking at wearing less rather than more. This is when you can solve all your problems by adding sweatshorts to your wardrobe.

Winter Wear involves layers of clothing, and you have a host of options to choose from - sweaters, jackets, sweatshirts, sweatpants, but hot weather conditions mean you don’t want to be layering up. So you need to decide what you wear wisely. Jogger shorts or running shorts paired with a tank top, crop top, graphic print t-shirt or a swimsuit allows you to make a fashion statement while keeping super-cool.

During the pandemic, fashion trends saw dressing down becoming the norm while dressing up took a back seat. Suits were replaced with tracksuits, and loafers were put away to make room for a variety of slippers. Continuing with that trend, we are all looking for more comfortable options to wear. The creation of sweatshorts seems like manna from heaven. So what exactly is this wonderful creation?

What are Sweatshorts?

Crafted from soft, blended cotton jersey material, sweatshorts are airy and breathable, making them ideal for hot summer months. They usually have two side pockets and one back pocket to allow you to store all your essentials. An elasticised waist with drawstring closures enables you to adjust the fit according to personal preference. These may look like chopped off sweatpants, but they are trending into a niche of their own in the fashion world. They allow us to get madly creative with a plethora of styling options.

Why Choose Sweatpants over Leggings?

You only need to slip a pair on to know the answer to this one. But before you do, let us tell you why they are a way better choice than leggings.

  1. Cool and Airy - The relaxed fit and lightweight materials keep you feeling cool and comfortable in the hot summer months. They protect your skin from chafing and allow it to breathe. With no tight restricting fabrics against your skin, there is no chance of heat rashes or dampness.
  2. Stylish - They are a new fashion trend that allows you to make a fashion statement without discomfort. Leggings have been around forever, and the time has come for them to take a backseat. If you want to try something different, pick up a pair of unisex Urban Monkey Sweatshorts.
  3. Beachwear - They are the best choice you can make for your next beach vacation. Pair it with a swimsuit or crop top and see how you turn some heads. Urban Monkey has an eclectic collection of shorts for women.
  4. Activewear - The hot summer months may sap you of energy and leave you feeling lethargic. You will be surprised to find that once you have a pair of running shorts on, you will actually be motivated to get moving. Gyming, jogging or running - you will perform your best in your Urban Monkey sweatshorts.

How to pair Sweatshorts for a chic look?

Many models, actors, and influencers have shown how simple sweatshorts can be worn with heels and blazers, making you runway ready.

Wear a simple white t-shirt with these sweatshorts for an easy-going style that looks cute, comfortable, and very practical for the summer.

You can even throw on a jersey spring long jacket for those gloomy days and stack the sweatshorts with golden chains or chunky sneakers for warmer days.

The baggy, oversize look has been trending for quite some time now. The sweatshirt is 180 degrees opposite of the traditional leggings. You can pair it with a simple crop t-shirt for a casual outing or pair it with a sports bra to hit the gym.

About Urbanmonkey

If you are going to spend a lot of your time outdoors this summer, you definitely want to have a pair of sweatshorts in your wardrobe.

Available in various fun shades, from cobalt blue, bright green and fuchsia pink, to tie-and-dye patterns, these sweatshorts from Urban Monkey can be worn as loungewear, gym wear or just when you want to run a few quick errands as well. Follow your heart wherever it takes you, and stay cool and comfortable while wearing Urban Monkey sweatshorts.


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