Self-Introspection - Krtinesh Kundar

Kritinesh Kunder, popularly known as Kritineshkr. He is an R&B performer from India who has been influenced by rap music. Around the age of 15, he began his craft, writing songs to express his pent-up feelings and presenting them to those close to him.

He was honing his skills and was hesitant to demonstrate it to others. He still remembers how he used to spend his days listening to rap music on his iPod. By the way, this is simply him giving you a taste of himself; after listening to his songs, you'll learn a lot more about him. Many of us make mistakes, but only a small percentage of people admit their errors and try to improve. Overall, he has a lot of obstacles to overcome. The loop of being cool for other people is what I’m trying to break through my song.

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  • Kriti spitting fire since 15 🤯

  • I’m proud of you! Keep going brother!

  • Angaarrr🥵🔥

    Manav Rathod
  • Coming for the crown, we already know who the king is..🔥

  • Kritinesh bhai op…🔥🔥


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