NEW SINGLE ‘JET LAG’ BY Frequency Time Space

FTS is a crew from Mumbai who delve in the tracts of hip hop, space, pop and element. The crew consists of 6 different artists adding their individual twists, eccentricities, and flavours to the collective effort. The immensely talented musician Tienas, who is signed to label Azadi Records independently, recently released his second album Season Pass.

The Track - 'Jet Lag’ their' latest single by Mumbai-based creative collective Frequency Time Space (FTS) is Bursting to the seams with the kind of raucous, anarchic energy that leads an artist to forget their own moniker while registering their official email ID - the single marks the crew's debut on Azadi Records.

Trading punches over an overdriven boom-bap production by Robu, 'Jet Lag' follows FTS' chaotic camaraderie through the streets of Mumbai, with each individual artist trying to showcase their unique pengame by delivering punchlines that raise the bar after each verse.

With three independently released mixtapes under their belt that veered from the absurd sonic experimentations of a group teenagers left unsupervised with a copy of FL Studio to the understated confidence inspired by the backpack era - 'Jet Lag' announces the arrival of an artistic collective that knows no rules, no formulas.

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