Logarhythm's Koi Nai inspires the best in you

Mainak Ghosh, popularly known as Logarhythm is a Rap artist from Mumbai who's widely known to write on topics such as social-political and real-life-based issues. Mainak can rap in Hindi and Bengali.Mainak Ghosh hails from a very culturally oriented Bengali Family. Way before Mainak's interest in rap music, he would write poetry as a form of expressing his thoughts. Later he learned the similarities of rap music and poetry which began to interest him more towards the Hip Hop culture and finally understand the duty of an emcee. Mainak started his career in 2018 by releasing songs on YouTube with his peers. In 2019 Mainak released 'Beat Pe Khatam', a single prod by Bluesanova which turned out to be the most-watched rap video on his YouTube channel. In 2020 Mainak released two major independent projects. A debut Mixtape titled 'Mayajaal' and a compilation album called 'R.O.O.T.S.' which includes previously released singles. Mainak has also been featured by Rolling stone for a track Called "Inquilab" alongside veterans like CIZZY and MAHARYA. Currently, Mainak is focusing on releasing new singles. Mainak's long-term goal is to bring the Bengali (regional) rap scene to the forefront.

The track is called "KOI NAI " which means "no one other" . The theme of this track revolves around "you are the better version of yourself, there will be others but they wont be you. The music of this track is trap with orchestral elements giving it a dark touch of melody supported by motivational lyrics.The song was released on 12th of march 2022 and also available on streaming platforms. The music production and engineering of the track is done by Tha Armani who has created the real ambience of the quality of sound.

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