Logarhythm on breaking societal barriers and following his true calling

Mainak Ghosh, popularly known as Logarhythm, hails from the city of joy - Kolkata. West Bengal is a place where pure artistry is born and from a very young age the creativity blooms in the mind of the artist. Coming from a family of freedom fighters and army officials, Logarhythm has always had a strong sense of patriotism and a desire to bring about a revolution. He believes it is rightly said "What Bengal thinks today, India thinks tomorrow"

Mainak is a rap artist based in Mumbai who is widely known to write on topics such as social-political and real-life-based issues. Way before his interest in rap music, he would write poetry as a form of expressing his thoughts. He later discovered the parallels between rap music and poetry, which piqued his interest in hip-hop culture and helped him to comprehend the role of an emcee. Mainak started his career in 2018 by releasing songs on YouTube with his peers. In 2019, Mainak released 'Beat Pe Khatam', a single produced by Bluesanova which turned out to be the most-watched rap video on his YouTube channel. In 2020, Mainak released two major independent projects. A debut Mixtape titled 'Mayajaal' and a compilation album called 'R.O.O.T.S.' which includes previously released singles. Mainak's influence derives from the likes of J Cole, Kendrick Lamar, Nas, Jay Z, and Linkin Park. His poetic influence includes names such as Rabindranath Tagore, Kazi Nazrul Islam, and Mirza Galib.

The theme of Mainak's song, Saptarshi, is pure retrospection. This song paints a picture of a man whose passion for what he wanted to do steadily waned as a result of being pressured to pursue something different by society and his family. However, his inner self counsels him to pursue his interests rather than obsessing about other things in order to enjoy life. The lyrics are highly motivational and relates to day-to-day life situations. The style of lyricism is pure poetry blended with deep wordplays, urging the mind of the listener to make them believe in themselves. Logarhythm also shares some of his life secrets through poetic bars melted with a melody. Through his song, he aims at conveying the message that if you really believe in yourself and work toward your goal, even the stars will align themselves. Mainak's long-term goal is to bring the Bengali (regional) rap scene to the forefront.

When asked about his experience working with his producer, J-KING, he replied, "When we work on a track we are two bodies with the same soul because we complement each other a lot. From the time I talked to them about this track till the master stages, we have been on the same page with creative ideas". He goes on to extend his heartfelt gratitude to Good Biscuit Production, Emcee Prominence, people of Basirhat, West Bengal, and the the magician behind the sound, Tha Armani.

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