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Flokay is a hip-hop artist and rapper currently based in Santacruz, Mumbai, and proudly raps in Mumbai in all of his songs. His hometown is Mangalore, and his mother tongue is Tullu, but he raps in Hindi.

Flokay believes that starting something in hip-hop was very difficult for him since local hip-hop as a genre was very new for the people in India. However, he managed to survive in the industry by applying himself with a lot of determination and effort. He continues to believe that he still has a lot to achieve, especially if he wants to make his ambitions, of blowing up on the rap scene and reaching more people to fulfill their desires, come true. Flokay's vision is to spread authentic hip-hop in India so that all young people are aware of it and can develop together.

Desi blood Is the first song video from Flokay's debut EP, "M-CITY," in which he represents the Mumbai underground scene and explores the hood life while referencing actual facts. The song's lyrics describe the hood politics, street chat, and fun that Mumbai residents have virtually every day as a means of surviving on the streets and living Straight Up! He realized that a lot of local rappers represent Mumbai in their songs. But, he wondered if he reps Mumbai with the real talks, like repping the name of the hood, and using slang that people here in the hood hear on the streets, then the people here can easily connect with him and listen to the songs that are actually made for his desi people.

Flokay's producer is Aakash. He has already worked with Aakash on some of his songs, including Desi Blood, M-City, and Drip from his debut EP "M-CITY," but there are many other producers in India with whom he would love to work.

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Flokay bhai ganne banate jao ekdin aapka dream jarur pura hoga much love and respect for u brudda

June 22, 2022 at 16:49pm

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