UM x Homework Studio

UM x Homework Studio

A little bit about Sanskar Sawant,

Highly acclaimed for his impactful work, Sanskar Sawant, founder of Homework Studio is one of the top Illustrators / Installation artists in Mumbai. He spearheads the environmental design wing at his studio- designing interactive environments through public art, artifacts, typography, and upholstery by tapping into the subconscious of people who live in that space.

UrbanMonkey x Homework Studio

How was the collaboration with Urban Monkey unique to you?

This collection is created to open dialogue. We want to be able to show the realities of our community’s experiences and continue difficult conversations when no one else wants to.

Inspired by the 80’s Memphis style, a play on patterns, proportions and colours, this collection is designed to be free flowing.

This EXCLUSIVE collection designed for Urban Monkey appears random at first, but when you pay attention, you’ll notice that these designs have a humorous take on modern day situations hidden within them.

UrbanMonkey x Homework Studio
This collaboration with Urban Monkey showcases a brand that supports subcultures and the ecosystems and artists within those subcultures. They’re slowly beginning to influence the street-wear community as the community has so far been influencing them.
- Homework Studio

You can view more of Homework’s work and contact him via Instagram


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