UM x Doodle Mapuls

UM x Doodle Mapuls

What if hip-hop existed in the 1800’s? We imagine it would look something like this.☝️

This series explores how life would look if various art forms merged across different time zones. It goes without saying, but let’s get it out of the way: 2020 was a weird year. But what it offered us was a much-needed break, to sit back and think over our course of action.

Which is why Mapuls EXCLUSIVE collection for Urban Monkey explores a world without limitations, a world that breaks away from the rigidness of our mundane lives and takes you into a whole different dimension.

Tell us a bit about yourself? How did you develop your style?

We three graduated as architects together and were a team since our initial college days. We were constantly finding a creative route to explore and kept doing small creatives since college but we never termed it or clubbed it under one name.

Architecture did open our eyes towards designing and helped us with the basic principles of art - But there were certain limitations in exploring our thoughts completely. These limitations needed a way to come out, and that’s how we started doodling and exploring graphics.

During this Lockdown that we took the step of naming the creatives, we do under a name and that’s how ‘Doodle Mapuls’ was established.

What kept you going and how did it shape you?

We were looking for a medium of reaching more people and also looking for an outlet to detoxify our minds from the mundane and constant hustle of office and Doodling became the silver lining to the work which saturates the mind to the point of exhaustion.

UrbanMonkey x Doodle Mapuls
We recharge our minds by pouring our strokes on paper, this self-satisfaction is what shapes us every day to be a better artist

How was the collaboration with Urban Monkey unique to you?

This may come across as made up but we visualized this day, to have our work on an Urban Monkey Product. This collaboration opened our eyes to the world of materializing the art we have. It taught us all the aspects of designing that we need to have in mind when it comes to bringing a product from a digital screen to cloth.

What makes this collaboration even more special and unique was that, we were never restricted with our creative choices. To have a brand with such recognition trust you is truly grateful and we are thankful for this opportunity.

What was the concept / ideology behind this collaboration?

The New Old.

We are so used to the fast and trendy life that we have started to leave behind our roots. What if one day the lines in between were blurred and a new time zone is created where all our art forms merge between the past and present?

UrbanMonkey x Doodle Mapuls
This series explores various art forms in merged time zones to give you a jest of how happening life would have been if we could juggle with time
- Doodle Mapuls

What is Indian streetwear according to you?

Streetwear around the world helps in distinguishing the local culture and helps in understanding the local language of a place. According to us, Indian Streetwear is something that resonates with the culture-rich background that India holds. The artistic language needs to resonate with the common man. We in India need to start creating this language of cloth which will help us stand out with our cultural references.

You can view more of Doodle Mapul’s work and contact them via Instagram


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