Repping Marathi Hip Hop, One verse at a time.

Meet MC Mittal aka Mithilesh, born on the other side of all that glitter and gold. Raised in the slums of Mumbai – Mithilesh is all rage and fire. Being side-lined by the skylines of this city has got him enraged for so long, that he spills it all out through the power of his words. As a kid Mithilesh always felt as if the world treated him differently, owing to his language and the color of his skin, Mithilesh now writes about how the inequalities of this city have shaped him, it’s made him who he is, he believes that the slum is where this city will truly find its diamond. Him being one – waiting to be discovered, until then he’s all set to take the pressure. Currently, Mithilesh has only one intention, to put Marathi hip on the world map – while Hindi, Punjabi verses have found their ground worldwide, there are only a very few who rap in Marathi, and tell their truth bothers him, this lack of representation is what drives Mithilesh today to do what he does best.

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