Hip and Thighs - Young Dogg X Nayaab Prod By Bass Mantra

Young dogg and Nayaab are rappers based in Chhattisgarh. Known for their amazing flow, the artists have a hands-on writing lyrics which have a deep concept and meaning.

Devesh Uke aka Bass Mantra is the music producer of the crew. He works in multiple genres. He completed his degree from h&m, Delhi. The track “HIP and THIGHS”, a recent release by Vaividhya music. As the hook “we don’t compromise” describes it all, the song is about not compromising, neither with our dreams nor with our goals. The lyrics are a vivid description of the surroundings we live in, we see “hunger” in the eyes of our people, the literal one as well as hunger for recognition, for excellence, for basic respect. We literally have people around us walking with razor blades with them, it’s about surviving, and it is about being the “fittest” in order to do.

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