Achieving the Gold Medalist Mentality- Kanishq Singh

Kanishq Singh is a Jharkhand-based rapper, songwriter & singer. He believes that rap music is the mirror of his life, and everything he feels, he expresses through his pen. Coming from a lower-middle-class family, seeing dreams isn't easy, but his parent's support pushed him every day to do better and excel in whatever he does. Kanishq started rapping after listening to rappers like J.Cole and Kendrick Lamar, and slowly started exploring his way into artists like Kanye West, Drake, and Tupac. He loves taking inspiration from anything, be it movies, tv shows, or books.

Kanishq made the song "Gold Medalist" in a short span of time, with his brother Manjeet aka Yama88. This song covers various topics like rap being his home, and his brothers always being by his side, and also expressing his unique style in the rap arena. He also talks about people being offended by his words, but they can't really do anything about it, the reason being that he has achieved a gold medalist mentality.

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