A verse straight outta Gorakhpur!

Not many would know of Gorakhpur’s political, economical, and cultural struggles of the land where our young artist Arya comes from. At a very young age, Arya is already a known name in the underground rap community. What started as a motivation to help others seek comfort in his verses soon became evidently important for the artist himself. His music allowed him to seek comfort from his own thoughts, and his own struggles. At 19, Arya believes that he’s here for a reason, to leave a mark on the world and with every word that he spits he makes sure he’s heading towards glory. When asked about where he finds the motivation to keep going, Arya talks about his dad, who has always believed in Arya’s music and talent, someone who keeps him going through thick and thin. Arya’s latest track is one such that has come through heartbreak and betrayal, but the young lad turned his Dard, into poetry!

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ayyyyy arya rep kare UP

September 13, 2022 at 13:08pm

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