What to get the streetwear lover in your life for Valentine's Day?
For Eminem to RnB lovers With Valentine’s Day just a week away, you are now in deep turmoil about what to give your adventurous and streetwear partner. Not to worry, the internet has got your back. As Gen Z or Gen Y prefers functional products to Valentine’s Day themed products, they have a much wider range of products to choose from. Here is the range of curated-with-love products that no adventurous and hip-hop enthusiast partners can say no to. shop life is better when you sing Your partner can’t say no to this. This cotton oversized t-shirt hammers the last nail in the coffin for the flamboyant rappers and their music lovers. The soft blush colour enhanced with the multicolour graphic print is the perfect call for partners who still want to have a touch of Valentine’s Day Theme products in their gifts. star wars // 002 gg x um // sling 002 As Eminem said, ‘A normal life is boring’, add the red Daddy cap or a maroon cross-body bag with this Valentine’s Day T-shirt for a skull-homie look. shop the look For the non-flamboyant rappers, this white and black Valentine’s Day fit will give them an uber-chic vibe. If you don't want to see tears of happiness in your partner's eyes, don't give them a matching checked t-shirt from the same colour family so that they cannot create the Travis Scott look. shop fratboy look If your partner is a Desi rapper or loves an Indian touch in everything, they can’t say no to the cotton black mixtape tee. Just add the black cap and our frat boyl jacket with the side logo for a shield in the sun during your day dates. To the Sports lovers Comfort rings the first bell when you are shopping for your sport-lover partners. Cotton or natural fibres are your first choice. Additionally, stretchable fabrics would make your day. The red cotton-polyester hoodie adds drama to your life. The polyester gives it the correct amount of stretch to show its talent. shop life hoodie The white cap is Valentine’s Day cap. It is a limited edition six-panel cap to add the oomph for a perfect Valentine’s Day Theme party. The 100% mustard and white tie-dye cotton tee is a must for a day-long of gully cricket. The box-fit calls for some extra swing and sweep shots. yacht Life //001 the street samurai Got your back, first-timers! The first Valentine’s Day gift is always special. So, all the new lovers brace yourselves. But don’t break into a cold sweat while selecting the gifts. Trust me, all of us have been there. These steps were my secret mantra to select the best first Valentine’s Day gift. Keep an eye on what they wear to meet their friends: Let’s face it. All of us dress to impress our lovers, especially during the first initial months. Thus, judging a book then is a futile exercise. Try to get a glimpse of what they wear on their all bros date. More than favourite colour, know their preferable colour family: shop valentine special Everyone has their favourite colour. To avail that exact shade in their preferable style can be hectic. Additionally, the chances to get it wrong are high for the first-timers. When there is a preferable colour family, you can mix and match both styles and colours and only colours. Selecting the right accessories: concept belt // 003 ninja nation //001 Your partner might not like to wear a particular accessory. If you don’t want your Valentine’s Day gift to have an indefinite shelf life, never buy it, even if they complete the look. It is advisable to go for a complementary piece in such cases. I would love to pick a multi-purpose belt instead of a watch in a similar situation. If love-of-your-life does not like to wear caps, add sunnies to complete his street style look. Don’t do it all: The Style tips to buy the one! Valentine's Day gift items are always stressful. Not to forget that they do not fit easily into your budget. Here are some handy styling tips for your rescue. Invest one-at-a-time: If your partner is a recent street style lover, then shell out your pennies wisely. They can’t say no to oversized tie-dye T-shirts. You can give them a bomber jacket for that extra love of yours. Choose only a single logo: The streetwear couture has evolved on loyalty. So, it is hard to find someone wearing multiple brands in a single look. Since its evolution in the 2010s, most brands have stayed loyal to their core customers and have maintained their exclusivity. To stay safe, avoiding whimsical layering at its best. Layering with formal clothes: As mentioned above, Travis Scott’s look had created a buzz across the fashion world. Layering with a formal shirt is the most common option now. But the catch is -- a pair of leather pants with the box-fit oversize jersey will complement their hypebeast’s style deeply. Let’s forget about the proportions: Bringing sweatshirts to the high realm of fashion was the biggest win for streetwear's fashion. Gift them anything -- from Valentine Day’s T-shirt to Valentine’s Day jackets to baggy denim pants. Hypebeasts love to play with proportions to a fashionable effect. Streetwear is all about you: It is you and you in this particular style of dressing. Play with style and colour and discover an unexpected combination just for you. How do you get good street style? The first thing is to mix both high and low that lets you breathe. Sneak out a bit and draw inspiration. shop street-style look What should you never do in a street style? Never break your style. You can change colours but never break the continuity. Layering and accessorising the look should always compliment the core dressing style. shop spaced-out look What are must for street style dressing? A nice pair of above-the-knee pants with matching oversized sweatshirts is a must for street style dressing. Remember, this style is about comfort and style intertwined. What are the must-haves for a beginner’s hypebeast’s wardrobe? The must-haves are a good pair of sneakers, rad sunnies, a crossbody bag, an oversized hoodie or sweatshirt and a jacket to complete the look. shop hypebeast wardrobe As a woman lover of street style, what kind of accessories should I buy? They can start with investing in an oversized sweatshirt or hoodie. Since ladies' purses are a treasured item, they can buy a good backpack or a cross-body sling bag. The broad hipster belt is a must to accentuate the look.

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