Introducing The Newest Trend in Casual Clothing: The Jogger Pants

Introducing The Newest Trend in Casual Clothing: The Jogger Pants

Earlier, Jogger pants were only associated with working out and other athletic activities. However, in recent times, these pants have become quite popular as trendy casual wear and even semi-formal work wear.

These pants are but a relaxed-fit version of sweatpants and have made a comeback to the fashion industry, as relaxed-fit clothing has gained popularity over slim-fit ones.

All Jogger pants are usually made of very breathable material and are extremely comfortable to wear, making them ideal for all seasons.

Be it summer or winter; you can sport joggers pants with almost anything if you can carry out the outfit. As a genderless outfit, Jogger pants can be donned by women and men in various ways.

Jogger pants are like an evolved version of jeans and can be styled in many ways depending on the occasion. Be it a party, a casual get-together, or a date night, one can pair up unisex jogger pants with a cute top or t-shirt and create a perfect look.

The best thing about joggers pants for men and women is that it gives an immediate fashionable look to the entire outfit, and one does not need to put in much effort. So this newest trend in casual clothing, aka, the joggers pants, is ideal for those who are looking for an effortless way to look fashionable at all times.

One of the best places to buy joggers for men and women is Urban Monkey. Urban Monkey is a genderless platform with an exclusive collection of unisex joggers pants. To buy Urban Monkey joggers for women and men, visit their website today!

Among the most popular UM joggers for men and women are:

  • Stylish Jogger Pants
  • Relaxed fit Jogger Pants
  • Gym Jogger Pants

To know more about the top three UM unisex joggers, read on!

Stylish Jogger Pants

In recent times, joggers for men and women have become immensely popular among influencers and celebrities, and are considered a major style of attire. Many celebrities have been seen wearing joggers pants for their airport looks. It is casual yet very stylish and can be paired in various ways.

You can either pair it up with a loose T-shirt and create a cool baggy look, or simply wear a fitted top with your joggers for a more fitted look. Stylish Jogger pants also make fun running and workout pants. So, if you are looking for a pair of pants that has a multipurpose use, your search ends here. Urban Monkey has an exclusive collection of stylish Jogger pants, which is a game changer for every wardrobe.

Essential Joggers //001 

One of the most stylish joggers for men and women is the Essential Joggers//002 by Urban Monkey. This jogger’s pant is unisex and has a breathable, relaxed fit, as it is made of 50% cotton and 50% poly cross-knit fleece.

The black color of the joggers for men gives them a savvy look and makes them a perfect pair for semi-formal as well as casual occasions. Other specifications of the Essential Joggers //002 include an elasticated waist and 3 pockets (2 zippered and one back pocket).

Relaxed Fit Joggers

Relaxed Fit Joggers for Men and Women are Joggers that have a relaxed fit and are best suited for casual occasions like parties and hangouts with friends.

These Jogger pants are comfortable and have a street-style aesthetic, making the entire outfit look very cool. For Men, the relaxed fit joggers look best when paired with a loose T-shirt, as it gives a casual yet cool vibe.

As for women, you can pair it up with a cute little crop top or a fitted top for the perfect party-ready look; while for a more subtle look, try pairing the joggers with a baggy T-shirt and sneakers.

Essential Joggers //002

The essential Joggers //002 by Urban Monkey is the perfect example of relaxed fit joggers. This is one of the best unisex joggers pants, ideal for both men and women.

The essential Joggers //002 comes in grey and has an elasticated waist and a drawstring tie closure that is adjustable. With 3 pockets (2 front, one back), this pant lives up to its name as it has all the essential features required in any quality joggers for men and women.

You can pair the joggers pants with a muted color T-shirt and sneakers to complete the entire street-style look.

Gym Joggers Pants

Finding the right clothing for your workout sessions is very important. Workout clothes should be such that they set the right vibe for working out while also ensuring comfort. One of the best gym wear that ensures both style and comfort is the gym joggers pants. Gym Joggers for men and women have a lot of added benefits.

Firstly, the pants help in burning more calories than when you are wearing shorts due to the heat build-up between your legs and the jogger pant. Secondly, Gym Joggers Pants protect the skin while working out; both indoors and outdoors.

Thirdly, these pants help in absorbing all the excess moisture making workout sessions at the gym more comfortable

Peace Package Joggers

The Peace Package Unisex Joggers pants come in green color and are made of 50% cotton and 50% poly cross-knit fleece.

These are ideal gym joggers for women and men as they are breathable and have an elastic waist ensuring comfort during your intensive workout sessions at the gym.

These sweatpants for women have 3 pockets, something which is absent in many women’s clothing, making these jogger pants an ideal choice for women.

While these are the top three most popular Unisex Joggers pants by Urban Monkey, there are also other joggers pants available on the UM website which are equally chic and comfortable. Among them are,

  • Funky joggers
  • Regular fit joggers
  • Slim-fit joggers
  • Sports joggers

To find the perfect pair among the vast collection of unisex joggers pants by UM, visit the Urban Monkey website today!


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