Young Ayush proves age is just a number when you follow your passion wholeheartedly

Ayush Renuka Begar, a rapper, grew up in one of the largest slums in the world, Dharavi, Mumbai. Being born and brought up by a single mother was especially challenging for him. He has an elder brother who is also a rapper and inspires him to pursue his dream every day. 

 Ayush started rapping very early on. He started when he was 14 years old with little knowledge about music and its culture. He would sing verses and do a bit of beatboxing. He used to be a dancer (Bboy) at the beginning. He used to write songs at the time too, however, never claimed to be a rapper. A few years passed and he got the golden chance to attend an event at the Dharavi Dream Project. He was then introduced to the After School of Hip hop, which transformed his life. This experience gave him exposure to the world of music where he learned how to write lyrics and compose music.

 While he was attending school, his family did not offer him a lot of assistance. But he persevered and kept studying. He was motivated by Mr. Vikram Godakiya's career as a Hip hop artist. In the upcoming years, he wants to become a renowned rapper and promote Hip hop culture all over the world. Additionally, he wishes to dispel the widespread misconception about hip hop and the people who are in it.

 When discussing his most recent tune, Baadlon Pe, Ayush claims he had a strong emotional connection to the words - ‘hype’ and ‘vibe’. He was aware that he desired contemporary, upbeat music that would encourage people to dance and have fun.

 The lyrics “Kala Khazana jo milte nahi baksee mein” translates to him believing that the most valuable thing you can discover in a person, not in a gold chest, is art.

The song pays homage to the founder of the Dharavi Dream Project, Samir Bangara, since he has supported Ayush wholeheartedly throughout his journey.

 When asked about his experience working with his producer, Abhijay Sharma, he replied,”Abhijay is a kind-hearted and humble person. When I sent him my track, he instantly loved it and told me that he will produce my music. He is a man of his words and he excels in his field”.

Ayush shows that it doesn't matter where you're from or how old you are. What counts is your commitment, drive, and persistence in achieving your goals. Dreaming is the beginning of getting everything you want.


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