What Is a Tactical Belt and What Precisely Are They Useful For?

What Is a Tactical Belt and What Precisely Are They Useful For?

Belts are an important part of our everyday outfits! The rise in hip-hop culture has made the belt industry go wild with colour block belts and fashion worthy designs. With a variety of designs to choose from, tactical belts are always special. Not only do they hold up your pants or make a fashion statement but they can also be versatile enough for storage and tactical uses. If you are a fan of rugged looks, street-style fashion, and/or bold designs, then a streetwear belt like the tactical belt is a definite must-have!

What Is A Tactical Belt & Why Is It Used?

Keeping the fashion statement aside, tactical belts are designed for their capability and adaptability in storing various accessories, such as bottles, keys, pens, or even guns. Tactical belts, designed from a fashionable point of view, are strong enough to carry around your basic accessories and stationary like your IDs or even gym bottle.

Urban Monkey has an ultimate selection of fashionable tactical belts that suit every attitude and style! Here are a few tactical belts to create a street-worthy and raw
fashion statement!

1. Concept Belt 001

Concept Belt 001

This exclusive multifunctional tactical belt is super durable and can withstand extreme conditions. It is perfect for fun or work and stays put even in bracket environments. The design features a detachable stationery organiser and a carabiner hook that can be attached to your Fanny packs, laptop bags, or backpacks. This belt is perfect for carrying around your stationery, ID cards, water bottles, and more. It has a double-sided design with abstract purple chessboard print and comes along with a strong metal buckle and adjustable strap. This reversible belt can also fit waists up to 46 inches!

2. Concept Belt 002

Concept Belt 002

The pride month definitely calls for a gorgeous rainbow-printed tactical belt. The reversible nylon belt has an adjustable waist and a heavy-duty metal buckle with an easy quick-release feature. The heavy-duty belt features a carabiner hook that is strong enough to hold almost anything you attach to it! The adjustable belt is perfect to be paired with baggy pants and jeans and is versatile enough to carry all your accessories and stationery items. The buckle has a 2.4-inch width, which can comfortably accommodate any pant loops!

3. Concept Belt 003

Concept Belt 003

A utility belt with a complete reversible design, gives you versatile wear and multiple OOTD combinations, to rock your street fashion game! It has a blue and purple chequered design on one side and an inverted square design on the other, which goes well with any street style pant. This design also features a detachable carabiner hook and a detachable utility holder that offers you versatile and stylish storage. The utility holder comes with a velcro closure that makes it easy to hold pens, pencils, lighters, etc. It is made with heavy-duty nylon material that can even withstand harsh and rugged wear!

Things to consider when buying tactical belts

Material: When looking online for a tactical belt make sure it is made of a high-density material like nylon. This ensures that your belt is durable, super strong, and sturdy.

Weight: The weight of your belt mostly depends on the weight of your buckle. Typically tactical belts are designed to hold on a lot of weight and if your buckle itself ends up being too heavy, you might find it uncomfortable to attach any accessories.

Width: Make sure to avoid any tactical bends that are under 1.5 inches in width. A width of between 2 and 1.5 inches ensures perfect strength and fits perfectly through most pant loops. In case you find your buckle to be a bit larger, you can easily detach it before you strap the belt on.

Attachments: Most tactical belts come with basic pouches, pockets, and attachments for storing your stationery and accessories. But if you want more, you can always buy all kinds of attachments separately to amp up your belt’s versatility and look!

Release Feature: The majority of tactical belts have a quick-release feature that makes it easy to remove the buckle. When you opt for such a feature make sure the buckle is sturdy and can hold onto its weight and stay secure even with a lot of attachments.

Colour: Nothing screams street-style fashion like bright colours! Instead of black or brown coloured tactical belts, go for block prints and bright colours that pop your outfit!


There are many types of belts in the market, but tactical belts are the ones that are durable, tough, comfortable, and multifunctional. Apart from their versatility and utility, tactical belts from Urban Monkey provide a racket and hip-hop look that is perfect for street and college wear! Buy your favourite belt online and rock on your streetwear funk!


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