The Parking Lot

The Parking Lot

To connect our culture to the wider world, The Parking Lot by Aura Music X Urban Monkey is a keyhole to India’s underground talent. We support emerging artists who want to tell their stories from the fringes. We aim to connect local artists to all of India and the wider world.

Artists spend so much time and effort creating art that often goes unseen and only a few get picked up and celebrated worldwide. Parking Lot is a genre-spanning platform for curated artists, a space for the Indian underground hip-hop community to showcase their talent and speak fearlessly.

Dedicated to promoting artists, Urban Monkey Planet is a blank canvas for these artists to COME, CREATE, JAM, and EXPRESS their own worlds in their own words. Every month, artists come to record their music at the Aura Music studio and shoot at the urban monkey community hub. We are determined to create a platform that helps them share their art with the world.

The boys at Aura music production understand that the hustle is real. They came together to create a space for emerging artists to come and record their music at an affordable cost and almost free for some artists. Just like us, the community comes first for them.

Parking Lot is an initiative to encourage undiscovered artists and athletes, to bring them together, and create meaningful collaborations. Combining music, streetwear, and our underexposed underground culture, this platform is hand-crafted for discovering the unknown.

Episode 1

Kshitij, 16, Kurla, Mumbai - 400070

Every artist in their life experiences a time of self-doubt. Kshitij talks about his mindset through this song. Using rap to channel his rage, he wants to motivate people to face every situation fearlessly and take a step towards their goal without being deluded by this society and its demands. He wants us to keep it real.

Produced by David Fourth

Episode 2

Artist name - Danems

Kurla, Mumbai - 400070

Through the song, Danems expresses his innate feelings from the past and the street life. The underlying idea behind the song was to shed light on his lifestyle, and how being on the streets since childhood has molded his personality owing to the experiences he has had. His motivation to rap came from the lack of support he received from his parents and the society. He believed in himself and went on to prove them wrong.

Beat by Lil Raixx

Episode 3

Artist name - Seize Me

Sion Koliwada, Mumbai - 400022

Known by his stage name, Seize, was raised in Sion Koliwada, Mumbai -22. His devotion to his hood is boundless, much like his love for his mother. His journey into the rap world started back in 2019, when he had hit rock bottom. Owing to this challenging phase in his life, he began to pen down his problems. He aspires to make M-22 shine on the map.

Beat by Vidit

Episode 4

Artist name - Shady B70

Kurla, Mumbai - 400070

Salman Shaikh aka Shady B70 was born and raised in Kurla, Mumbai-70. At the age of 20, he began rapping consistently. He is a member of the B70 hip-hop crew. He discusses his difficulties and the lessons he learned while growing up in a household that was dependent on him from a very young age.

In his song, 20 se 21, Shady talks about his journey from childhood till now. This song describes his beginnings as a rapper, his inspirations, and the hardships he encountered along the way. He wrote this song after experiencing betrayal from his loved ones and realizing his current obligations as time passed and his life altered. He experienced poverty as a child, but he wants to use art to transform his life and assist those who are facing it by shaping their perspective on life through his words and story. He aspires to improve both the people and the environment he represents through his music.

Produced by Eskryy

Episode 5

Artist name - Aditya Pawar

Konkan Ratnagiri 415724

Aditya Pawar, popularly known as Mc Pop 100, was born and raised in Konkan, Ratnagiri. In his song, Konkani Dhanya, Mc Pop 100 talks about his beginnings as a rapper, his past, and his move from Konkan to Mumbai to pursue a career in hip hop. He aims to make a significant improvement in hip-hop culture by promoting his hood and Konkan culture through his work.

He has been involved in hip-hop for the past five years and began rapping when he was just 17 years old. He raps in many languages, including Marathi, Konkani, and Hindi. Mc Pop 100 is also known to be the first Konkani rapper. He aspires to work for movies in the long run because after all, no dream is too big!

Beat by Ceboxyou

Episode 6

Artist name - Salim Shady

Age 24, 400072

Salim Shaikh aka Salim Shady hails from Powai, Mumbai, and represents the street gang. He goes on to express that he came up with this song when he realized that he had gone through various changes in life due to Hip hop.

He admits that, looking back, he used to rhyme in his leisure time but was unaware that it was freestyle rap. Over the years, he hustled and learnt his way around writing rap songs. His long term vision is to bring humanity above religion and for everyone to get equal rights in the country.

Beat by 8hanu Patel

Episode 7

Artist name - Neutron Sai

Powai Mumbai 72

Neutron Sai, a rapper, was born in Mumbai and has been undertaking training in music since the past 7 years. He aims to be the pioneer in changing the Hip hop culture in India. His vision is to teach the younger generation how to tackle problems without losing faith in their art.

“Disha” is a song that will teach this generation's young how to go out and give their all to achieve their goals and never give up when things go south. Neutron challenges his listeners to take charge and raise their voice against any wrongdoings.

In his journey as an artist, he has always tried to better himself socially and musically. He is grateful that life has put him around inspirational people who have helped him cope with difficult times. In retrospect, he realises these problems have become his greatest strengths.

Directed by Vinayak Choppari

The next track is releasing on Wednesday
27th July 2022 at 11 am

exclusively on the Urban Monkey youtube channel



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Hey, am MC SHANKAR , I want to perform on this platform… and I promise i will set the stage on fire 🔥 just give me one chance to Collab🙏

April 20, 2024 at 15:53pm
Chetan sharma

Hey urban monkey i want to join your The Parking Lot
Youtube seasons please help me with that
So that i can show the world what i can do
Please give your delhi boy a chance

April 9, 2023 at 13:04pm
Sonu Satule

Sonu here’s
I request you to give me a chance too, I will set your platform on fire.🔥✨📌

December 4, 2022 at 17:31pm
Hitesh Shriram Ahirrao

The parking lot Audition dena hai plz help as audition process kaise kare please help

October 7, 2022 at 09:27am

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