The OG Ankit fire cracker with - Asli

Asli is the title track from OG Ankit's Debute Album 'ASLI,' in which he discusses how he is Asli by remaining true to his roots, hood, streets, and city. Ankit's love for rap and his homies is evident in the music he creates, and Asli is a great illustration of this. He is Asli, and his upbringing has made him strong and courageous enough to stay true to himself and speak his mind.

His four tracks were completed when he began working on his album, and he desired a title tune that would be memorable. He already had a freeverse ready with no hook, but the word 'Asli' came to mind and he created one of the best hooks in all of his songs from there. He just patched the freeverse into place, and the song was made. With this song, he wants to encourage everyone to be true to themselves and to be proud of who they are.

Become a gangster, an Asli. OG Ankit is a Navi Mumbai-based rapper and emcee who is recognised for writing songs with profound and meaningful lyrics based on his own life experiences.Ankit has released some hits on YouTube since he was 11 years old, including Raaz, Election Rap, Lyrically Kill, Struggle, and others.

He began rapping at the age of 11 and was one of India's youngest rappers. He collaborated with a number of hiphop labels, including Kalamkaar and Most Wanted Records. He just published his 12-track first album on all platforms, as well as a slew of singles, the most popular of which are "Raaz", which has 1.5 million views on YouTube, and "Election Rap", which has 8.8 lakh views. Captain fuse, who produced the majority of the tracks on Ankit's album, produced Asli. Stay watch for a slew of new projects from Ankit in the near future.

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