The Journey of Sakuro: Overcoming Adversity and Breaking Stereotypes

Sakuro narrative is one of resistance, draped in a shroud of irony. Though she may perceive the world as plotting against her, betraying and discouraging her, Sakuro refuses to submit to cowardice. She persists in pursuing happiness and progress, even when the road ahead seems filled with obstacles. This is the tale of how Sakuro's melodies demolished established beliefs and conquered adversity.

The inception of Sakuro musical expedition took place on her rooftop as she ruminated on her shortcomings while enjoying music. Fueled by a pressing need to prove herself and overcome the discouraging remarks made by others, Sakuro wrote a song that would transform her life forever. The lyrics were a letter to herself, reminding her not to let others hinder her progress. She resolved to be as unyielding as a rock, unwavering in her determination to keep moving forward.

Sakuro from Krishnagar in the Nadia District of West Bengal, a region immersed in heritage and culture. Her hometown is known for its delicacies and clay art, as well as for producing notable historical figures like Raja Krishnachandra and Gopaal Bhaar. Sakuro strongly recommends anyone who gets the chance to visit Krishnagar.

Sakuro melodic voyage commenced in 2021 with the song "Baarish," which promptly won over fans. Since then, she has teamed up and jammed with many skilled but underappreciated artists from all over the country, not just West Bengal. Sakuro is currently a member of Mofosholi, a squad/collective that amplifies suburban voices.

Kuxh Beats from Jharkhand, is a good music producer whose work graces Sakuro's debut solo album. The two connected through social media, and Kuxh's asking for a song led to a fruitful working relationship that birthed the smash hit "Buzz Lightyear." Suge's contribution to the track has undoubtedly helped it skyrocket in popularity. Interestingly, despite their successful partnership, Sakuro and Kuxh have never met in person.

Sakuro personal mission is to dispel myths surrounding voice, emotion, gender, masculinity, and other related themes. Through her music and lyrics, she seeks to dismantle societal barriers and create a peaceful nurturing space where people can coexist. This overarching goal serves as Sakuro's guiding light, motivating her to push the boundaries of her art and contribute positively to society.

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