Repping Virar 305, one verse at a time

Meet Amit Mishra, also known as Micheal Emii. Amit is a well-known rapper from Virar 305, He also co-founded Virar's first ever rap gang, "Feat Boyz Crew." In 2016, he began his rapping career. Micheal Emii is a multi-talented rapper who started producing his music and later also appeared in the Oscar-nominated film Gully Boy. His latest, 'Khush hoon Main' was created by Strax, and Hitesh Anchan, directed and edited the music video. The meaning behind "Khush Hoon Main" is to find the light at the end of the tunnel. Micheal Emii expresses himself through this track. Despite going through a hard time, he remained optimistic and believed that ultimately he would find the right path at the right time. Michael Emii is primarily recognized as a flow-switching artist. His upcoming song will therefore have a drill beat and will be a gateway to how he perceives his world.

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