Red Alert: Saider's Hurricane is about to hit the scene

Meet Saider aka Saider Sam. A self-taught artist from the land of ishq, mohbbat and pyaar, Dilli. Repping Delhi 44 all by himself for the longest time, Saider has now paved the path for more artists in his area. For Saider music is his first priority, his only love and it transcends through his work and his vision.

Saider’s journey with music began through a friend and some extra time to spare, slowly Saider started to write his own raps. Listening and learning from legends like Bohemian and understanding what music could do, how music could stir a storm in one’s soul.

With a storm brewing inside Saider as well, Saider began writing his latest – ‘Hurricane’, With Hurricane, Saider expresses how the hustle will always pay off and when the time is right, the voices of dissent, poetry and love will be heard.

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