Introducing Urban Monkey Boxers with Bold Prints and Fun Colors: Made in the Fabric of Your Dreams

Introducing Urban Monkey Boxers with Bold Prints and Fun Colors: Made in the Fabric of Your Dreams

As we step out in a world that has become increasingly conscious and particular about their fashion choices and physical appearance, it is important to stay updated regarding the latest fashion trends in clothing and apparel. Fashion always starts with basic items worn at home; among them, boxer shorts are gaining key importance.

Since these shorts are baggy and comfortable in fit, they serve all purposes, whether lounging at home, chilling with friends, or stepping out for movies or drives. Comfortable and stylish boxers are important to feel relaxed and set fashion statements in the most basic wearable items.

Urban Monkey provides a wide range of uniquely styled boxers for both men and women, including trending prints and eye-catching color combinations. These shorts are unique since they are made with breathable fabric, soft, and manufactured with the best quality materials.

It is important to consider that these boxers are truly versatile, fashionable, and uniquely curated for different individuals' varying needs and expectations. We shall focus primarily on the given components of the printed boxers collection by Urban Monkey.

Urban Monkey Boxers: A Closer Look

Urban Monkey offers unique and trendy boxers for men and women under different categories and print designs. Look at each product in the printed collection closely to understand its core features.

1. Dream Land


the softest fabric, these boxers give out a feeling of absolute comfort and luxury. The fabric that is used in these boxers is not pure cotton, but even much more soft and comforting than its basic nature, it does not itch or sting while wearing it for a longer period of time.

Using our rich design archives as an inspiration, these boxers can become the best addition to your closet or wardrobe, making them the most fashionable choices amongst the entire crowd. The unique sticker pack design includes a combination of bold colors such as red, blue, white and green, these boxers add a true style to your overall appearance upon wearing them under jeans, t-shirts, or simply pairing them with a button-down shirt, sneakers and a pair of bright sunglasses at a pool party.

These boxers are also wrinkle resistant and made with a 100% breathable fabric, which also makes them an ideal choice of clothing for beaches and pools. Providing icy cooling comfort even during hot summers, these boxers are a must-have for all those looking to wear something trendy and fashionable in casual clothing. The gender-neutral tones in the design make them an ideal choice as women boxers as well.

2. Easy:


Our easy boxers are truly the highlight of each occasion, given their bubbly purple color. An added element of attractiveness in these boxers is the playful color combination of blue, pink and purple. The figurative use of sleepy cats adds to the charm of the product making them suitable for comfortable occasions such as going out to watch a movie, stepping out for a casual drive in the city or simply relaxing and unwinding at home.

Manufactured using a breathable, soft and wrinkle resistant fabric, these boxer shorts are suitable for prolonged use and do not give out an itchy or stinging experience while continuing to wear after multiple washes.

3. Candy Land:


Our Candy Land boxers are the ultimate epitome of bold and fashionable boxers. Included with interesting designs of trendy shapes and patterns infused soulfully in a hue of baby pink, these boxers instill a sense of tranquility in the mind upon wearing them. Manufactured using a fabric that is softer than pure cotton, these boxers are comfortable for wearing in any given position and while making any given complex movement.

Available in different sizes such as small, medium, large and extra large, these boxers are suitable and easily fitting for different sizes and shapes. Conceptualized in India, these boxers are meant and designed for the modern Indian populations.

4. Lazy


Designed as a premium boxer for all occasions that demand comfort and luxury, these Lazy boxers are representative of bright and quirky designs. Available in a vibrant lime green color, these boxers are funky and fashionable. Imprinted with bright symbols of blue and pink, these boxers embody style statements for both men and women.

5. Offline:


Curated carefully with utmost perfection by skilled craftsmen, our Offline boxers are for those with a vibrant and charming personality. The bright tint of sunny yellow, adds a layer of spontaneity and frolic to their character. Making a statement on each public occasion, these boxers are irresistible from catching attention.

Whether you pair them with funky sunglasses and sneakers alongside a cool t-shirt or choose to wear them under jeans paired with a button-down shirt or t-shirt, these boxers are representative of a style revolution that you simply cannot avoid embarking on.

The Comfort Revolution

Observing comfort in everything we wear and on all occasions is important. Therefore, buying boxer shorts online from the Urban Monkey helps all individuals experience absolute comfort and luxury throughout the day. Everyday clothing that does not fit well, itches, wears out or fades in color after a few washes are not ideal for daily use. It is, therefore, important to purchase boxers that are comfortable, fashionable as well as unique at the same time.

Urban Monkey believes in prioritizing comfort in the fabric over everything else. Thus, all the boxer shorts in their collection are made with a soft and breathable fabric to maintain prolonged comfort. In addition, the shorts' designs translate into added comfort with side slits for free movement and a provision of elastic waistband to ensure comfortable transitions in movement and positions. Each boxer collection product is supremely comfortable with a soft fabric that pampers the skin.

Stylish Prints and Colors

Urban Monkey boxers are equipped with stylish prints and attractive color patterns. By analyzing the ongoing fashion trends under a team of fashion experts, the entire collection is curated for the bold and unapologetic youth community!

The tie-dye, floral prints, animal prints, forest patterns, and geometrical designs are included in different boxers to keep up the game of trendy clothing even when relaxing at home. Available in fun and vibrant colors such as lime green, orange, off-white, purple, and others, these boxer shorts add an interesting touch to the personality of different individuals.

All these boxers in the printed collection are responsible for adding a touch of excitement to your wardrobe. This helps you experience excitement and enjoyment regularly and prevents feeling bored or indifferent while wearing comfortable clothing.

Stay Cool in Any Weather

These boxers shorts for women and men provide sheer comfort during any season. Whether winter, monsoon, summer, or autumn, these boxers are ideal for all weather conditions. Providing an experience of warmth during winters and cooling during summer and monsoons, these cotton-based boxers are the perfect clothing options for all occasions.

Manufactured using 100% Jersey Cotton of 100 GSM, it provides a feeling of comfort with the softness and breathability of the fabric. Helping the individual maintain their leisure time mindset and relaxation with prolonged usage, these shorts are the one-stop shop for leisure, fashion, and trendy clothing. Offering a wide variety of options for both genders, these shorts are changing the game for everyday apparel.


Urban Monkey offers the best men’s boxer shorts and is an ideal brand for women's boxer shorts. Combining comfort and fashion in each product of the printed shorts collection provides a new mindset of wearing boxers on various occasions. Gone are the days when boxers were preferred as clothing choices for informal home gatherings and sleepwear.

Offering trending prints and interesting colors in a soft and breathable fabric, these boxers are ideal for all individuals looking to experience uniqueness in their fashion choices. All young generation members, including millennials and Gen Z, must look out for the printed boxer shorts collection on the official website of Urban Monkey.

Adding a touch of boldness, bubbliness, charm, and excitement to the personality of the youth, these boxers are true trendsetters in a world that seeks validation from public figures and influencers for their fashion choices. So, what are you waiting for? Immediately check out the latest printed boxer shorts collection by Urban Monkey at their official website!


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