I NEED YOU | JAZZY NANU | ELEMI DEBBARMA | JACKSON DHRUBA (Hindi x Marathi x Kokborok Music Video)

Jazzy Nanu is one of the rappers at the forefront of the Marathi rap movement/scene in India. He started writing at the age of 16. Determined about his goals in life, he dropped out of engineering to pursue a career in the one thing that he loved the most, i.e. Music.

His songs are vivid, personal and portray his life stories in the most unique way. His writing is based on how he observes his surroundings, society and talks about the ongoing atrocities happening around him and the globe. He has collaborated with a Marathi film by lending them his verse on one of their tracks called ‘Rampaat and was featured in India’s biggest blockbuster film ‘Gully boy’.

With two EP’s, one album and over 150+ tracks on Youtube & major streaming platforms, Jazzy wants to get the Marathi Music Industry into the limelight by showcasing it to the whole world!

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