Gear up for the Cricket Season with Urban Monkey’s Sports Cap

Gear up for the Cricket Season with Urban Monkey’s Sports Cap

Waking up to Cricket season for us Indians is nothing less than a blessing, with the T20 world cup around the corner, almost everything is going to turn blue very soon. While Urban Monkey may not #BleedBlue, we sure do have something for you! (Yes you, you sly cricket fan)

Whilst we do not expertise in cricket gear yet, we’re one step closer to it. With our latest

athletic cap collection - The UM Athleisure ©

The UM Athleisure is an amalgamation of cool and comfortable, just what a fan standing in the cricket stand would need. Protected from the burning sun and giving you an uber cool drip. Maybe the spider cams will notice you right away :)

Here are some picks from our UM Athleisure © collection:

Power Play




Two of our favourites, The Howzat and Power Play are equipped with UPF 50+ to keep your skin protected from the sun while you’re training, cheering or whatever it is that takes you out under the sun.

The moisture-wicking comfort helps you stay dry on and off the field. It's the perfect cricket cap. Ideal for all your practice sessions, outdoor walks, hiking and traveling adventures.

What are you waiting for get these uber cool cricket caps for men only at Urban Monkey.


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