Demyth Showcases Her Lyrical Prowess With a Freeverse

Demyth's latest release is a testament to her lyrical prowess, showcasing her freeverse while covering a wide range of topics. The core of her lyrics revolves around speaking the truth and remaining true to one's culture - a message that rap fans deeply appreciate.

Demyth noted that the instant the inspiration for the song came to her, she felt it was the best way to express her feelings on culture and her efforts to conserve it. She proudly represents the Kandivali West Charkop area 67 as a 19-year-old female rapper who has been working hard for the past five years. Throughout her artistic path, she has learned important lessons about herself, music, and culture.

The track's producer, Rehan Shaikh, is a good friend of Demyth and a skilled producer best known for his work with Rep Gang 107. Together, they have created a song that not only highlights Demyth's talent but also highlights how important it is in the rap industry to be true to one's culture and origins.

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1 thought on “Demyth Showcases Her Lyrical Prowess With a Freeverse

Red zing

She is one of the hardest , youngest and OG artist she deserves more 💪🏼🔥

March 14, 2023 at 19:43pm

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