Introduction To Anjaan: Mumbai's Rising Hip-Hop Talent

Ayaan Shaikh, best known by his stage name Anjaan, is a 17-year-old Mumbai native who performs hip-hop rap. With over 14 tracks under his belt, he has been active in the music scene since 2019. His latest track, "System Set," delves into the street culture of Bombay, showcasing his personal experiences and the things he has witnessed in the city.

Anjaan's passion for hip-hop is evident in his music, and "System Set" is no exception. The track captures the essence of Chembur hip-hop, shedding light on the real side of the genre. Anjaan collaborated with Yash Beats for the production of the song, marking their third project together.

Through his music, Anjaan hopes to give a voice to the streets of Mumbai and represent the city's unique hip-hop culture.

Anjaan believes that hip-hop is a powerful medium for expression that has the power to inspire and unite people from all backgrounds. With his talent and dedication, Anjaan is sure to make a mark in the Indian music industry and beyond.

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