8 Ways Sweatshorts Can Get You Active This Summer 2022

8 Ways Sweatshorts Can Get You Active This Summer 2022

If you are spending much time outdoors staying fit this summer, you will need a pair or many pairs of “sweatshorts”. Most of us have heard of sweatshorts and sweatpants, but when the weather changes from cold to warm, and you do not need to cover up all the time, you need to turn your wardrobe around. This is when you switch from sweatpants to sweatshorts.

Sweatshorts are typically fabricated from soft jerseys or cotton, making them airy and breathable. They are cut-off sweatpants nearly identical to their full-length cousins but can be worn in warmer climates. So if you want the comfort of sweatpants without worrying about “sweating”, sweatshorts should be an essential part of your wardrobe.

These trendy shorts need not be limited to sporty activities, they double up as streetwear shorts, and you can choose from various options from Urban Monkey sweatshorts online.

Of course, if you want to stay fit and remain active through the hot weather months, all you need to do is slip a pair on and get moving. These jogger shorts can motivate you to get active this summer in several ways.

  1. Super comfortable - Sweatshorts are designed to be flexible and stretchy. All the necessary factors in activewear will ensure you are comfortable during your workout. Once you have a pair on, you will not want to stop working out! The elastic waistbands and adjustable drawstring closures ensure no chaffing, and your skin stays protected.
  2. Breathable - The excellent cotton cum jersey fabrics are lightweight, airy and breathable to keep your skin cool and ventilated. The last thing you want while exercising is to have fabric sticking to you. Sweatshorts allow you to go the entire length of your workout without feeling the heat and perform better.
  3. Versatile - The design premise of these jogger shorts is versatility - they are meant to be worn as loungewear and streetwear shorts. This gives you the freedom to wear them to casual outings and go for your workout. You have no reason to skip your workout for lack of appropriate wear.
  4. Reduces your excuses to exercise - Once you are dressed in your running sweatshorts and are ready to go - you will find it easier to head to the gym or the park for a run. Your clothes give your brain a boost to keep you energised and motivated to perform your best.
  5. Fashionable - Sweatshorts have become a fashion statement that is an essential part of a trendy wardrobe. Moreover, if you have a pair, you will want to show them off. There is no better way to get out there and flaunt them at the gym, the park or the basketball courts.
  6. Makes you feel good - Science shows that you want to be in that situation when you wear clothes connected to a particular situation. This principle takes its origins from the symbolic meaning of clothing. If you wear clothing that has a bright, colourful print - you are more likely to feel happy and indulge in fun activities. Similarly, if you wear clothing that makes you feel active and good about the fact that you are getting ready to exercise, it is more likely that you will be active.
  7. Boosts confidence - Wearing the right gear can feel more confident. It ensures that you fit in with the rest of the group and increases your motivation levels to keep going. Wherever you may be - at the gym or running in the park when you look around and find others like you - you want to be a successful part of the group, which keeps you going.
  8. Makes you more mindful about your choices - While you are dressed to be active, you become conscious about every small choice you make that is connected to your health. It may be eating healthier or walking to the shops instead of taking the car out. These small details also add up to keep you active.

So while pulling on your sweatshorts might not make you a superstar athlete, there is a high possibility it will make you more inclined towards getting out there and exercising rather than couch-sitting at home. Moreover, you have to admit that has to be the best thing for you this summer.

So what are you waiting for - all you need to do is browse through the fantastic Urban Monkey sweatshorts collection and make your choice. You can buy these trendy shorts online from the comfort of your home. The collection consists of shorts for women, jogger shorts, and running shorts, perfect for gyming, jogging, and running fans.


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