Youngric on powering his way through the rap world

Youngric aka Ricky Magar is a Nepalese man born in Northeast Assam, a place where people work hard everyday to improve their lives and are oblivious to the hip hop culture. This is why chasing his true calling, Hip Hop and Rap was especially difficult. He and his industry friends faced criticism and heckles, but never gave up. They paved their way by introducing Hip Hop to the young as well as the old generation.

Youngric started his rap career started in 2016, after struggling for a few years in Bangalore. At this point, he returned to his hometown in Assam where he met with two of his childhood friends, Pronil and Sekhar Viuals. Ever since, they have been working together on music videos.

While Freestyling with his friends and listening to international artists like Lil Tjay, Nav etc., the idea of making a melodic rap with catchy hooks and deep lyrics struck him. "Farak Nahi Padta" was conceptualised keeping Youngric's early days in mind. The underlying theme of the song is based on the struggles he faced and how music helped open his eyes. He talks about hitting rock bottom but yet never giving up. Through his song, he asks his listeners to always believe in themselves and continue moving forward in life.

When Youngric was asked about his experience working with his producer, RIch Key, he replied,"My producer is like a younger brother to me and is the only one who motivates me to lay down my verse on his beat. As both of us hail from the same place, we share a special bond. Although he has now moved to Atlanta, Gerogia, it took him less than five days to come up with a beat for Farak Nahi Padta".

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