Why Nylon Belt is better than a Leather Belt
The all-new UrbanMonkey heavy-duty, reversible belt is a perfect choice for streetwear lovers. This streetwear belt gives you more of a stylish and funky look. It is a multi-functional belt specially designed to keep you comfortable during hiking, skating, or running—a perfect choice of gift for your loved ones. These are unisex tactical belts made of nylon. UrbanMonkey’s nylon belts are superior to the old leather belts in all aspects. It can be used as daily wear while playing or biking. Unlike leather belts, these are low-maintenance and high-performance belts. Wrinkle-Resistant - These nylon belts are resistant to wrinkles, especially at the folds. Unlike all leather belts, these are wrinkle-resistant and can be folded, turned, and twisted. Scratch Resistant - Wear it while hiking or playing any sport; these belts are scratch-free and can go through all the wear and tear. These are very low maintenance compared to leather belts. Crease Resistant - Wear it on your waist while doing any physical activity and be stress-free about its creases. Water-Resistant - Due to their high absorbency, the nylon belts are waterproof and can dry quickly compared to leather belts. You can easily use them in water sports. Also, you can machine wash them. Shrinkage Resistant - Be free to wash these belts as much as you want, as they won’t shrink. These stylish streetwear belts are shrinkage resistant. Military Grade Cobra Buckle - This feature of the nylon belts makes them more robust and powerful. It can hold up to 1200 kgs of weight with this military-grade cobra buckle. Long-Lasting - The high-performance nylon belts are long-lasting. Use it daily through the roughest phase, and still, it is durable for a long time. High Tensile Strength - Nylon has a high tensile strength which makes it more elastic and firm. Stretch as much as you want or add up max weights. Washable - UrbanMonkey’s nylon belts are washable, as easy as a machine wash. It also dries quickly, being water-resistant. Use it Whenever - Use it in dirt, dust, or rain. It can resist it all and still lasts long. Nylon vs. Leather Belt Comparison Style - nylon belts are more stylish and fashionable compared to old leather belts. The young crowd is more fond of such nylon belts. Size - you need not dig in holes or keep searching for a perfect size like leather belts; these nylon belts are adjustable and can fit onto any waist size. Comfort - you can wear these nylon belts comfortably, anywhere, and anytime. Be it sports or hiking, or biking, it makes you feel comfortable throughout the day, unlike tough leather belts. Adjustment - the nylon belts are highly adjustable according to your waist size. Whereas in leather belts, you need to find the perfect size and dig in holes to fit it. Price - nylon belts are much more affordable and budget-friendly compared to expensive leather belts. Best for everyday use - these are best for everyday use and high active performance. Also, it is loved by streetwear lovers these days, compared to the old and tough leather belts. The Advantages of UrbanMonkey Nylon Tactical Belt 1. Multi-functional tactical belt The UrbanMonkey’s heavy-duty multi-functional tactical belt is loved by streetwear lovers and can hold heavyweights. It is a perfect choice for heavy workers and for people playing high contact sports. The specific features of this belt are a detachable stationary organiser and a heavy-duty carabiner hook that can withstand almost anything, be it stationaries or id cards. It comes with an adjustable strap and a metal buckle. 2. Adjustable strap The stylish streetwear belts of UrbanMonkey have adjustable straps for you to fit in any size waist. 3. Carabiner Hook The heavy-duty carabiner hook can hold onto anything and can also be attached to your backpacks, bottles, or keys. This unique feature makes it more of a hiking belt. 4. Metal Buckle The nylon belts come with a metal buckle. The buckle is around 2.4 inches and might be tough to pass through loops, but you can easily remove the weber before putting it in and fixing it. 5. Reversible This is the best feature of these belts. The men’s reversible belt can be worn either way; you can switch the colours and designs by just flipping it. 6. Quick Release Cobra Metal Buckle The unisex tactical belt comes with a quick-release cobra metal buckle that can be detached easily while passing through a loop. 7. Detachable Utility Holder There is a detachable utility holder you can use wherever you want. You can detach the holder anytime and use it for multipurpose work, to carry or fix objects or weights. Conclusion This multi-functional tactical belt developed for streetwear fans is exclusive to Urban Monkey. It has been tested and confirmed to survive extreme circumstances, making it ideal for work and play in harsh situations. This belt has an adjustable strap, reversible style to wear it two ways and a metal buckle with a heavy-duty carabiner hook that can hold nearly anything and attach to backpacks, laptop bags, and other similar items. It's ideal for keeping your keys, ID cards, or sports bottle. Tactical Belt: frequently asked questions 1. What is a Tactical belt used for? The tactical belt is a multifunctional use belt. It is used for hiking, riding, playing, or even daily wear. 2. How to care for your nylon tactical belt? Simply wipe with a damp cloth or brush it with cold water. Do not machine wash. 3. How do you pick the right size belt? You select the size from the website online. The length of the belt is almost 50.3 inches, and it is adjustable. So you can fit it accordingly.

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