UM Paradox

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Introducing our "Paradox" collection, inspired by the visionary Berlin-based street artist Paradox Paradise. This thought-provoking collection is designed to push the boundaries of reality and challenge societal norms.

By exploring the themes found in YE's Life of Pablo and Escher's impossible constructions, we invite you to question how reality is perceived and to embrace the power of outer body spiritual experiences. We hope to open your mind to unleash your inner rebel, celebrating the beauty of contradiction and the endless possibilities of creativity.

At Urban Monkey, we are constantly redefining the meaning of branding and we make it our mission to imbue our creations with good values. Our latest drop celebrates intuition and creative freedom, showcasing the unique differences that unite us all. Our designs reflect our roots in skate culture and are made to stand out, not fit in.

Through striking visuals, from a sticker pack to a flash tattoo set, we harness the power of togetherness, infusing each piece with hints of Dadaism and bold colors.