Learn About Different Types of Sunglasses Before You Buy it
Finding a pair of sunglasses that suits your style and face shape is trickier than it seems. So, if you are wondering if you should buy a pair of classic aviators or explore the funky boxed sunglasses, read on to know everything you need about your favourite accessories. Types Of Sunglasses for Men Aviators Face Shape: Oval, Square Aviators are one of the most popular sunglasses that have stood the test of time. First developed in the 1930's for pilots (hence the tell-tale name), these are a quintessential part of every guy's wardrobe. These are framed in lightweight metal with tinted glass in classic or funky colours. Air Force //002 Avenger //001 Avenger //002 Wayfarers Face Shape: Round One of the most popular sunglasses for men, Wayfarers came around the 1950's from the house of Ray-Ban. Wayfarers have study frames with thicker borders, making them extremely popular with men (and women who love defying norms!) Buy Now Types Of Sunglasses for Women Oversized Sunglasses Face shape: All shapes If you think Jennifer Lopez rocks her sunglasses looks, you need to check out oversized glasses. These are so much more than just glasses. Oversized sunnies cover a part of your face and have the power to transform a simple look into a fashion statement. And the best part, they work for all face shapes! Gold Digger Rocket Ship //003 Fighter Jet //002 Cat Eye Sunglasses Face Shape: Square, oval If you are looking for an edgy look, cat-eye sunglasses are an excellent choice for you. These have pointed ends (much like a cat’s eye) and add a sense of fierceness to the ensemble. However, these work best for face shapes with a broader jawline like square or oval faces. But much like high-end fashion, anyone with the right amount of confidence can rock the cat eye sunglasses like a boss. Cyber Crime //001 Dragon Lord //004 Ninja Nation //004 Genderless Sunglasses for Men and Women Flip-Up Sunglasses Face shape: All shapes Are you bored of the same old same old sunnies? Well, Flip-up shades are the best pick for you if you are looking for something out of the box, edgy and fun. These quirky unisex sunglasses come with a shade fixed to the top of the glass that you can flip up (quite literally). Happy Hippie //001 Happy Hippie //002 Happy Hippie //003 Shield Sunglasses Face Shape: Round, oval As their name suggests, these sunglasses shield your eyes and, well, your face! They look like chemistry lab goggles but only way funkier and fashion-forward. Pair your shield sunnies with an edgy oversized shirt, and you are ready to rock the party. Scarface Rebel Nation Rectangular Sunglasses Face Shape: Round, oval As the name suggests, this pair of sunnies have a rectangular frame and work best for people who have a round or oval face shape. They come in various materials and dimensions, and you should choose one that works best for you. Nerd //001 Nerd //002 El Camino //002 Clear Sunglasses Face Shape: All shapes All lenses are naturally clear unless manufacturers add a layer of coloured film on top to make them coloured lenses. However, clear sunglasses are a fashion craze right now. These celebrity sunglasses are perfect for that semi-professional look where you want to wear sunglasses but still look formal. Sinner //002 Only White Ninja Nation //005 Side-shield Sunglasses Face Shape: Square Are you looking for something that’s a total fashion trend in 2021? If yes, side-shield sunnies are a must-have for you. These are very popular amongst fashion influencers and models and come with a shield to cover the side of the frame along the arms. Game Changer //001 Game Changer //002 Round Sunglasses Face Shape: Square, oval Love Harry Potter? Then round sunglasses are your fashion pick, especially if you have a squarish jawline or an oval-shaped face. These stylish glasses not only look cool but protect your eyes as they are labelled UV 400. Gangster AF Round Cadillac //001 Clark Kent //001 Square Sunglasses Face Shape: Round, oval Square sunglasses are the perfect way to highlight your pretty facial features and balance the round jawline. These come in oversized versions or smaller sizes and a variety of materials and colours. Air Force //002 Avenger //001 The Godfather Oval Sunglasses Face Shape: Oval, oblong The typical feature of these sunglasses is their shape – long, wider than long. So, if you wear oval sunnies, nothing but your eyes are covered. They work best for oval face shapes and offset the elongated contour. Emerald - The Reflector Airplane Mode //001 Airplane Mode //002 How to Choose the Right Sunglasses? Here’s a step-wise process to help you choose the perfect fashion accessory for all your looks. 1. Understand Your Face Shape The most important thing before buying a pair of sunnies is to understand what suits your face type. The following are the most common face shapes, and you know, always buy a pair that compliments your face structure. Oval Oblong Square Round Heart Triangle 2. Understand the Different Parts of Sunglasses Even though everyone uses sunglasses, not many people know the components of sunglasses. But, if you want to make an informed purchase decision, it's essential to know what makes a sunglass. The main parts include – Top Bar Bridge Hinge Joint Nose-pads Frame Rim Temple Tip 3. Pick the Right Frame Size The third (or the first, for some people) is to choose the correct frame size. It also depends on your face shape. It's a myth that you should steer clear of oversized frames if you have a smaller, roundish face. It all depends on the proportion of your face and bridge, eye, and temple size of the frame. 4. Choose the Right Material Most sunglasses are available in metal or plastic frames, and both have their pros and cons. Metal like aluminium, stainless steel, etc., are commonly used and offer strength and durability. Many classic sunglasses shapes like aviators are metal frames. But plastic frames offer more options, and designs are better fashion accessories. 5. Understand Different Types of Lenses Lenses are an essential part of the selection process. Depending on your need, you can choose from polarised lenses, non-polarised lenses, progressive lenses, gradient (or double-gradient lenses), plastic lenses, etc. New-age lenses like mirrored, oversized, smoke, or the ever-so-stylish sleek lenses work wonders for the fashion lover. Special coatings like anti-glare blue light coatings and UV coatings offer 99-100% UV protection, in addition to giving you sun protection. So, invest in a pair of glasses that not only make you look pretty but provide complete protection as well. Frequently Asked Questions 1. Which type of sunglasses is best? It depends on your style and the occasion. There are many stylish sunglasses like butterfly glasses, cat-eye glasses, oversized shades, and funky geometric shapes - boxy shape, hexagonal sunglasses, heart-shaped sunglasses, sunglasses with brow bars, etc., that you can choose from. 2. What are the names of sunglasses? Some of the standard range of sunglasses include –aviators, wayfarers, cat-eye glasses, round, oval, flip-up, shield glasses, side-shield glasses, tiny glasses, etc. 3. Why are sunglasses important? Just like you wear a sweater to protect yourself in the winters, sunglasses are essential accessories that protect your precious eyes. Also, thanks to the upgrade in sunglass designs, they have the power to transform even the most basic fashion look into something that is straight out of a high-end or street-fashion magazine! Be it a beach or a biker's club. There are one (too many) styles from every occasion and fashion trend. 4. Why should you own sunglasses? Sunglasses, shades, goggles, whatever be your pick, are an essential part of your ensemble. But, there's so much to sunglasses than just making a fashion statement. The right pair of shades protects your eyes from glaring sunlight, harmful UV rays, white light from LED screens, and dust, in addition to making you a fashion star. 5. What are the different types of sunglass lenses? There are many specialised lenses available that offer protection against LED glare, UV, dust, and sunlight. These include polarised lenses, non-polarised lenses, progressive lenses, gradient or double-gradient lenses, and tinted and mirrored lenses. 6. Which is better, UV protection or polarised? It depends on your requirements. UV protection sunglasses use a special UV protection coating over the lenses to give you 99-100% UV and sun protection. However, polarised glasses only prevent harmful glares (from devices) from causing you discomfort. So, if you are looking at genuine protection against the harmful UV A and B rays, you should opt for a UV-coated lens. Polarised and other tinted glasses make it easier to look outside in the sun or continuously sit in front of your computer (any LED screen that emits white light). 7. How many types of sunglasses are there? The list is practically endless! Check out our exclusive collection to choose your ideal pair. 8. What is the difference between sunglasses and shades? They are the same things. Shades, goggles, sunnies, etc., are the informal ways of referring to sunglasses. 9. How to clean sunglasses? Always make sure your hands are clean. Gently wash your glasses under lukewarm or regular tap water and shake them dry. Never rub your lenses. Use scratch-resistant lenses for longer durability. Use only a lotion-free lens cleaning liquid and a lint-free cloth to clean your sunglasses.

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